Hedda Mae FAULT Magazine Photoshoot and Interview?

Hedda Mae photoshoot for FAULT Magazine

Photography: Jack Alexander

Words: Miles Holder

Hedda Mae’s new EP ‘This Might Get Loud’ has quickly become one of our most favourite projects this year. The final part in a trilogy of releases, Hedda has flexed her songwriting muscles on this release and as much as the record may be a closing of one chapter – we’re extremely excited to see what the future holds following this release. We caught up with Hedda Mae to discuss her journey, her new music and of course, her FAULTs.

What’s been the largest change you’ve seen with EP compared to your debut? 

It’s kind of funny, because my newly released EP contains some of the first songs I ever wrote with Benjamin (the producer), and my debut single was actually written after we wrote Another Stranger. SO basically all the songs on the EP are 2-3 year old unfinished demos that have been given a new life throughout this year. 

I would say the songs are more scandipop than what I’ve released earlier, as well as more uptempo,in your face, and loud. I’ve been calling it the Party- EP from the beginning, which I think kind of speaks for itself. 

As the final part of your trilogy, does this EP feel like the closing of a chapter? 

It really does, and I’m super excited for what comes next. 

It’s been hard to define the direction I wanted this EP to go in, but I’m really satisfied with how it turned out. There were a lot of songs that I knew I wanted to release, because it in many ways felt like a now- or never type of thing; especially since the next chapter is going to take a slightly different turn. Over the years me and Benjamin have been experimenting a lot in the studio, which has resulted in a lot of different types of songs, with completely different references. Putting out a trilogy has felt like a great way to section the songs and fit them into each concept.  I wanted each EP to be different from the others, both soundwise and visually – with the retro sound kind of connecting them all together. I can’t believe it’s all out, I actually feel kind of sad when I think about it. 

What’s been the most difficult track to write on this project? 

Probably Rhyhtm To myself. The chorus wrote itself, but we really struggled with nailing the verse. I think I have about 10 versions of the song lying around, each with a completely different verse. We were just about to give up when it all sort of just came together. 

What’s been the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Probably trusting your gut. In the end, you’re the one who has to face and front the choices that have been made.

What’s been the worst?

You can handle one more drink.

Are you making long term goals with your music or are you taking each day as it comes? 

Since music is what I wanna do for a living, I obviously have some long term goals, such as releasing an album(s), touring with my own show abroad, and so on. With that said, I’m trying to get better at taking each day as it comes, and live in the moment. It sounds really cheesy, but when working as an artist it is so easy to get caught up in only heading towards your goals and forgetting to enjoy and appreciate the little victories and epic moments along the way. In the end, I just feel incredibly lucky to be given an opportunity to do what I love. 

What’s your biggest fear as it pertains to your music? 

Maybe that at one point it really starts to feel like a job, rather than something I do mainly for fun.  My music is all about having a good time while writing it in the studio, and I think that’s something you can hear in the songs as well. If I lose that, I feel like I would lose myself as an artist too. I don’t think that will happen anytime soon, though. Hehe. 

What is your FAULT? 

Well. I’m incredibly forgetful. Last christmas my dad got me a tracker for my wallet, and it’s probably the most necessary thing I’ve ever owned.