FAULT Magazine in conversation with Sean C Kennedy

Sean C Kennedy photoshoot

Sean C Kennedy’s new single ‘hurts to see you go’ transcends the realms of love song and explores the various feeling of longing one can experience regardless of the change. We caught up with Sean C Kennedy to discuss his creative journey, mental health exploration and, of course, his FAULTs.

Can you describe the headspace you were in when writing ‘Hurts To See You Go’?

Definitely feeling blue but was on the other side of it. In the last couple of years, I’ve been able to take my experience and feeling and then push myself further down the road where someone else has maybe gone through more than I have. Playing my part as an empath to create moments in a song that speak to the listener. I felt something but wanted to go there for someone. The song makes you feel okay. I’m past the hurt but I’m left with the nostalgia of how good it felt with that person.

The message could be translated to more than romantic relationships. Do you find you give yourself the freedom to let songs/projects go when they aren’t working as you would like them to?

Definitely! I’ve learned to let go more and not be so precious about it. I can feel it when I have something good. Also, know when it’s not clicking and be able to walk away from it. There’s a truth and honesty there. A sign to let you know you don’t take yourself so seriously. There’s more to life than being desperate to write a song. The faster you let it go the more magic you create!

You’re currently working on a new album, have you noticed a change in your writing process for this project compared to the previous one?

I have more than ever. It was the surrender. August 2021 I was asking a lot of questions. I was in a good place but looking for my true happiness. Happiness and joy is a choice. You can sit around and wait for even something so beautiful to come over you and make you feel better but no! You have to go do the things that fill you up. Live on a feeling. I said ok where am I going to be happiest, is it here in Nashville? Is it in Ibiza? Who knows. Show me the next thing. I have a bunch of songs in a folder and a couple have made a project but it wasn’t me at the time. I love the seasons, not just weather seasons. The feeling of seasons. Change is so important. You have to want to change. Those questions opened a hole in the sky and the first song fell down. My friends said what is that. That sounds like YOU! So I ran with it. This is me right now and this music is all of me in this season.

Sean C Kennedy photoshoot

What would you say has been the most challenging aspect of this album?

The last 15-20% of finishing the song. After the song is written you start to carve its structure into this beautiful shape in your mind, combined with Synesthesia. I’ve learned that this last percentage of finishing the song is so important. Sounds cliche of course (the icing on the cake) but it’s so fun in the first 70-85% of making it. I’ve had to remind myself, to make the last part even more fun. Easy to get complacent and just wrap it up but I believe that’s where you’re gift is being tested. Show who you truly are in that last part! I’m, not a perfectionist but I do love how beautiful the craft is. A huge learning curve personally.

Is there one key moment/decision that you attribute to the success you see today?

Yes, acknowledging your growth. Success to me is lifting your head out of your work and realizing you’ve created so much that you shock yourself. You’re in shock because it’s something new, or a change is happening. I love the creation so much, it keeps me in the moment. A Grammy in my bathroom will be lovely for my friends to take a picture of and post on Instagram one day. My success is in the process of my art. Art is artless. It’s a feeling you turn into something that helps you to get through the day. Everything else is a bonus right?!

You’re also working on many projects focused on men’s mental health struggles – what inspired you to explore this area?

We as men are programmed to survive and be the masculine, stand strong, be the man, and don’t break. That’s all great but every day is different. Full of emotions. Things happen in life, we lose, we fail, people pass on… it’s the expectation I think that can bring pressure on a man. Let’s just hold a space where we know to express our feelings. We can still be strong, tough, the true masculine. So I and best friend Rob Ricotta who I wrote “hurts to see you go” have started a podcast called “let life love you podcast” holding a platform for conversation. All walks of life, not just men. Having a women’s perspective is very important for us. Good communication will always help suffering no matter that amount. Myself & Rob have both gone through depression and life-changing events to be able to talk to one another. We are honoured and excited to be doing this podcast.

Sean C Kennedy photoshoot

How important has music writing been for protecting/exploring your own mental wellness?

It’s my practice for sure. Releasing emotion, practising how to control emotion, and being an empath for others. A lot of the time I don’t realize how much it’s helping. At times it’s like a mission to help others and then when the song is out into the world for everyone else. BANG!!! IT HITS ME!!! Like my subconscious all along was helping to heal. It’s such a magical thing. I am very honoured to be able to express and feel this in my life.

What are you most excited about this winter?

It’s another season. People listen to music differently in winter. More downtime and more hibernation mean they can listen more and take in a song. Summer is great but it’s for exploration and staying active. I release songs by their sentiment to season. I feel it in colour like the seasons. Also, warm-cooked winter food! The slow cooker will be on all the time!

Sean C Kennedy photoshoot

What is your FAULT?

Taking myself for granted. For the last couple of years, I’ve focused on myself more. Choosing to be more selfish. Selfishness isn’t a negative thing when it’s directed to helping you grow your personality. Saying no has gotten easier. Does it serve me?! Trusting my gut more. Choosing to look after myself first as I’m all I’ve got. The rest will be a bonus like I said before.