Everything to consider for decorating that particular room

Starting in a spot you have a lot of fond memories of can be the best place to go from the get-go. Consider other environments that convey the sensations you hope to achieve in your bedroom. Is this a relative or close friend’s house? Have you ever stayed in a hotel or a rental house for a vacation? Where do you like to hang out most often, coffee house or restaurant? A place where your kids love to spend time? Ideas regarding your own house can be gleaned from all of these.

Think about what it is about that location that most appeals to you, and then try to describe it. Do the hues play a role? The flooring’s texture or appearance? The lighting in here, you say? Make a brief list of potential options that includes a variety of things that you enjoy, as it may be a combination of several things. To help you remember how the area looks, it’s a good idea to find or take images of it.

You can begin to think about how you want to decorate each of the rooms that have been built, as well as what function each room will serve, now that the rooms have been constructed. A common error that a lot of people make is jumping right into the decorating phase without first considering all of the many options that are out there. When it comes to decorating a brand new space, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


First things first, think about the sort of lighting that will be necessary for the room you’re working on designing. If it’s a bathroom, you might want to think about installing a light that also has an extractor fan built into it. This will allow the steam from your showers and baths to easily escape the area, preventing it from condensing on the walls. Before you start decorating anything, it might be worth it to call an electrician to conduct any work that needs to be done if the room does not already have any lighting fixtures installed in it. This will prevent the electrician from having to destroy any of your hard work by removing portions of the ceiling or wall in order to complete their task.


Next, you will need to consider the furniture that is going to go into the space, and you will also need to create a budget for how much money you have available to spend on any additional pieces of furniture that you do not currently own. You might save some money by not purchasing all new furniture and instead upcycling or reusing portions of the furniture you currently own instead. If you give that old and worn wardrobe a fresh coat of paint and some new door handles, it will look just as it did when you first bought it. The same principle applies to a bed; you should preserve the frame and fortify it, but replace the mattress with one purchased from a foam source so that you may keep the overall cost to a minimum.

Photo: Mark McCammon


If the room you are going to design is located upstairs, you should think about the kind of flooring you are going to have before you buy anything or make any plans. This will allow you to save time and money. For the same reason, installing hardwood flooring upstairs might not be the best decision if there are people living or working downstairs who are sensitive to noise. Thought should be given to purchasing a substantial underlay or just keeping with carpeting for the upper level.


Think about the arrangement of the space before you start any kind of decorating (and maybe even while you still have an electrician around), so that you can plan where the electrical outlets need to go and how many of them you will need. Again, it is better to finish the job before beginning the decorating in case there is any damage caused to your walls throughout the decorating process.


Lastly, if the room you’re redecorating is on the smaller side or you just don’t want to buy furniture, you might want to think about making your own storage to fit the dimensions and contours of the area. This is an especially good idea if the room is rectangular in configuration. For instance, if you are redecorating your study, you might construct a computer desk and then place some floating shelves next to it in order to make the most of the space that you have while still ensuring that it is functional for the purposes for which it was intended.

Before you start decorating a space, make sure you take into account these five factors so that you don’t end up having to do any repairs or buy any new furniture! Above all else, take some time to appreciate the newly adorned space you have!