FAULT Magazine Style Cover and Interview With Broderick Hunter

Broderick Hunter X FAULT Magazine

Broderick Hunter Photoshoot and interview

Photographer : Issatall 

Stylist : Fode.ka 

Makeup : sarahh.a.o 

Words: Miles Holder

Model and actor Broderick Hunter’s creative journey hasn’t been a straight line but all of his lived experiences have equipped him with the best tools to gain success within a cut throat industry. We caught up with Broderick to discuss his journey, his work so far and of course, his FAULTs.

When you look back on your career accomplishments, what would you say was the most challenging hurdle to overcome?

Broderick Hunter: Many but I would say I was most challenged by my body type when I first started. In the 2010s, I was built like an athlete and trained like one. So I had a hard time fitting into not only clothes but also getting booked for fashion opportunities because that wasn’t the “look”. So a large portion of my career consisted of me “fitting in” lol.

While the modelling industry looks more diverse now than when you first started, have you had time to process and heal from difficult experiences when you were making your debut?
Broderick Hunter: Yes. My mind, body and soul is at peace with the traumas from my experiences of being in this business. I am also very happy that the industry is more inclusive.

Is there one key moment / decision that you attribute for the success you see today?
Broderick Hunter: I have many to reference. I would say ONE key moment that contributed to my success was saying “Yes.” to doing a photoshoot. I have made good decisions and bad ones, but I would say my best decisions came from where I was listening to my spirit and not my mind.

While on the outside there seems to be more space for black men within the industry, do you ever fear that this could be a passing trend?
Broderick Hunter: I have no fear that black men and women are going to continue to make a known presence in the industry. It will grow and we are in very good hands.

What designers are catching your eye at the moment?
Broderick Hunter: I try to keep an eye out but I really like Vintage. Always love for Gucci, Tom Ford and Fendi. Kanye/Yezzy and Virgil will also always have my support.

Broderick Hunter Photoshoot and interview
Pants : Meli

What’s something you’re working on at the moment that people might not know about?
Broderick Hunter: I’m launching my online experience called “Sell Your Look”. It’s a guide for aspiring models who want to become a model but don’t know how. I show how to do photo shoots, reach out to representation and much more.

Broderick Hunter Photoshoot and interview
Pants : Meli

What are you most excited for the remainder of 2022?
Broderick Hunter: Outside of doing more tv shows, campaigns and movies. I look forward to love and time with my family. Having freedom and connecting with higher self is my priority.

What is your FAULT?
Broderick Hunter: I make human errors. I let my thoughts get the best of me, say the wrong things, can’t stay organised for more than a few days. I will never be perfect, so I strive to stay aware of the things I want to self improve on.