BABY ARCHIVE PRINCESS x Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle…Living the Sustainability Lifestyle

Fashion selections by Jody & Francheska for Baby Archive Princess is the tip of the iceberg! Both multipotentialites sat with us to give a glimpse into the initiation of their movement.

photographer | Julian Lopez @julianlopeznyc

model | Dede Benner @dedebenner

stylists | @babyarchiveprincess Francheska Baker @frankis_simulation + Jody Rose @cloudwalkrr

hair & mua: @the.mandymua

photo assistant & jewelry styling | Darlyn Alcequiez @darlyn.alcqz

interview | Jacquex Frankel @thecooljagz

photo assistant | Fatime Havva Kabakci

all jewelry | New York & Company

Hoodie | 2003 Jean Paul Gaultier

Blouse | 1998 Jean Paul Gaultier

Skirt | Marni Utility Wrap Skirt

Boots | Maison Margiela Ankle Tabi 

Jacquex: Hey! How are both of you girls doing?

BAP: We’re good, we’ve finally got a cool day here in Brooklyn.

Jacquex: What is Baby Archive Princess!

BAP: Baby Archive Princess is a curated collection founded in June 2021 between Jody & Francheska. We’ve been doing it for a year now. Although the word archive has different meanings, we aim to find early 90’s and 2000’s fashion pieces for our pop-ups and photoshoots. Pop-ups are where we sell and the curated runway pieces, that we do not sell, are for rent and photoshoots. Prior to the collaboration of BAP, we personally collected for years to curate our own aesthetics. The two of us, bound by the art of runway fashion, decided to leap into the realm of archival wear. Along with our love for clothing, sustainability is a driving factor in what we do. The resale economy drives the ability to become a conscious consumer. The longevity and relevance these designers play in the current market is huge — why not go straight to the source? Currently we are showcasing a small portion of our collection for sale at LAAMS NYC  in LES. You can also find us online, where we provide a deeper look into our archive for rent and sale.

Jacquex: Tell us a day in the life of

BAP: We both do everything! We are always sourcing; certain websites have specific auction/drop times, and we also see how photo-shoots can be better planned. Currently the focus is on elevating our marketing. Looking to see who we should work with next. And trying to stabilize the selling, styling, and photoshoots to not have one week more saturated in the month. 

Jacquex: How did come about!
BAP: We share a love for clothes. When we met, both of us were wearing pants from the same collection by Ann Demeulemeester. Our artistic bond allows for us to send links to each other where we constantly check in on pieces to buy. We get so excited over pieces breaking boundaries in the industry.

Jacquex: Describe BAP’s identity of style in photoshoots and pop-ups!

BAP: We aim to elevate people’s personal style with a little bit of grunch, theatrical, punk, attitude, structure, and minimalism. Not logo heavy, we are into the shapes, design, textures, the details, the quality. 

Jacquex: What is the mission for BAP?
BAP: Finding art within clothing that is already here and making it accessible. It is about going beyond bringing back the artistic importance of clothes, and the aspect of sustainability. It’s beyond an art form movement. For collecting there’s thousands of pieces, beyond designer goods, to pick from. We do size inclusivity, from our personal experience, because designer archive is very challenging in finding a true size. People say, “all these high-end girls dress the same” and it is because they don’t have access to the right sizes.

Jacquex: Which designer(s) are killing the game?
BAP: Iris Van Herpen, & John Galliano.

Jacquex: In developing BAP, what can we expect coming?

BAP: Personal styling! Maybe some merchandise involving leather for Fall/Winter. 

Jacquex: Is there a discipline you both practice as an artist?
BAP: We’ll sit down and watch runway shows for inspiration, and talk about what comes to mind. Not letting the gems go to waste. 

Jewelry | New York & Company 

Jacquex: Tell us something personal!
Jody: I wanted to model because I thought models were the most important people in fashion. Walking in SOHO, I see J. Alexander and Andre Leon Talley, and I say “I have to do the walk for you.” Then Andre says, “that was decent,” and asks “Why do you want to be a model?” I said, “because I love fashion,” and he says, “girl, you don’t have to be a model if you love fashion.“

Jacquex: Do we trust our instincts, or the rational mind?

BAP: We’re both Virgo and overthinkers. But listening to the gut is key. 

Skirt | 2003 Dolce and Gabbana Asymmetric

Skirt | Maison Margiela Artisanal Asymmetric Skirt

Bra | Dolce & Gabbana

Bra Vest | Y’s Yohji Yamamoto Bondage Vest

Scarf | Vivienne Westwood

Boots | Maison Margiela Knee High Tabi 

Jacquex: What’s your message to your older selves?

BAP: “Girl, relax!” “Just have fun, be proud of the moment.” Messaging each other which collection we’re collecting next.

Jacquex: Give us your relationship/friendship advice?

BAP: Speak your mind and respect each other’s space. We also have two separate messaging threads, one for work and another one for our friendship. 

Jacquex: What’s BAP’s FAULT? 

BAP: Doubting situations! 

Blazer | 2004 Jean Paul Gaultier

Leggings | 1995 Jean Paul Gaultier Sheer Pattern

Shoes | Maison Margiela Mary Jane Tabi