6 Fashion Ideas For Men As We Move Into Winter

With summer creeping into the rear-view mirror, it is time to look ahead to what winter has in store. More specifically, what does winter have in store for the fashion-conscious men of the world?

Winter can be a difficult season to prepare for. There are so many weather fronts to think about that you may have to rethink your entire outfit by the afternoon. Fortunately, there are some trend ideas you can get your hands on to help you through the coming months. As such, here are some fashion ideas for men to consider as you move closer to winter.

Photo; nappy

Oversized Cardigans

It wasn’t until the mid-2000s that cardigans became an acceptable fashion choice for young men. This item of clothing was most associated with young girls or elderly gentlemen, and you would rarely see anyone else rocking a cardigan on the streets. Fashion changes, though, and it seems that the cardigan has become a staple for men in recent years, with industry blogs like Men’s Flair advocating the style in recent trend reports.

However, the cardigan is a little different this year. People once wore a cardigan as a small jacket to wear in summer. The thin fabric did the job of keeping you both cool and warm wherever you needed it. Now that winter is on its way, you are probably better served wearing an oversized, chunky-gauge cardigan such as a shawl collar or cable knit version. These jackets are in season and will help keep you warm this winter.

Trench Coats

If you need something a little warmer than a cardigan this winter, then the trench coat has got you covered. Again, the trench coat was never considered the height of fashion. However, a few tweaks to the initial premise have made these coats a real winner in the fashion community.

Forget black leather. You can now get trench coats in a variety of colours and materials. Therefore, you can use one of these jackets to compliment any outfit you put on, no matter the weather outside.

Baseball Caps

As you step out of your door on a rainy day, you will need something to keep the rain out of your face. An umbrella can be cumbersome, and it is likely that the rain won’t last long enough to justify bringing one. Therefore, your next best option is to wear a baseball cap.

Baseball caps have always gone in and out of fashion. It seems that this time they are here to stay, though. 2022 has been the year of trendy sportswear, so expect these choices to remain popular throughout the winter. Head out with a baseball cap and you won’t feel out of place this season.

Varsity Jackets

Keeping with the sports theme, you are going to need a jacket to match your baseball cap and a trench coat won’t suit this fashion choice. Instead, you will need something more preppy.

Luckily, varsity jackets have become more than just a staple of high school life. These jackets have become a mainstream fashion choice for the masses, and their reach has stretched far beyond the borders of the US. Varsity jackets come in a variety of different patterns and styles, so you don’t need to worry about sporting one that represents your local team. Geek chic is out, and jock culture is returning, so get ahead of the curve with one of these pristine, comfy jackets.

Black Boots

Finishing off an outfit with the right pair of shoes is never easy, especially when the paths outside have been muddied by rain or snow. Luckily, black is back, and you can get away with wearing a comfy pair of black boots on your trips out.

Black boots are the perfect men’s fashion shoe for winter. They are sturdy enough to cope with any weather, and black is great at hiding dirt. Therefore, you can still end up looking pristine when you return home in a pair of black boots.


It has been a strange year for fashion so far. Things have been in and out so quickly that it is hard to grasp what is trendy and what has gone past its sell-by date. However, one thing has remained true for the entirety of 2022, and that is the fact that suede is still in. What’s more, it looks as if suede is going to continue to be in fashion long into the start of the next year.

You can pretty much get away with wearing suede in any form this winter. You can have suede trousers, tops, or shoes, and no one will bat an eye. Remember this fact and you should have trouble next time you are out shopping.


Fashion seems to be moving much quicker than it once did. Fortunately, there are lots of useful ideas online to help you keep up.