Most Popular Trainers This Autumn/Winter

Trainers That Are Now in Trend

We all want to follow the trend and look cool, but it is not as easy as it may seem to many. To curate a look, keeping up with current trends takes hours of research as there are several cool styles in the market, and every day a new style is being launched. So, what should make you choose a particular trainer for a season, you ask? Well, the color palette is the key. You will likely be wearing jeans and sweatpants more in the fall and winter months, so think of colors like navy, off-white, red, tan, etc. Recently Lacoste trainers have also been the rage among fashionistas. Keeping these criteria in mind, let us find out some of the trainers that are worth investing in this fall/winter.

Photo: Jordan Hyde

Nike Air Max 90

Priced at around USD 120, the Nike Air Max 90 is one of the most popular trainer styles out there in the market and is one that is here to stay. The beige suede and a pop of mantra orange make it perfect not only for fall or winter but is a classic that can be worn all year round. It is definitely a piece to treasure.

DBreak Sneakers

Bright blue in color, these sneakers make the perfect shade for fall and are the perfect showpiece for getting back out on the street. The brand is trusted, so you can be assured that the comfort and pop of color are likely to up your fashion game if you can successfully style it with your attire. The sneakers will cost you around USD 350.

Photo: Hassan Ouajbir

On Cloud X Training Shoes

If you are into sports, then you are probably a fan of the brand already. If not, you must try On Cloud shoes since, just as the name suggests, they are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes for training and are designed to make you feel on the clouds whether you are trail-running or couch-surfing. Go rock climbing wearing them, or pair them with your winter outfit; the shoes are versatile and can be worn on several occasions. Grab a pair today at less than USD 140.

Nike Blazer Mid’77 High-Top Sneaker

There is something nostalgic about high-top sneakers; we have all been wearing them for ages. These Nikes, too, are here to take you for a walk down your memory lane. They have been launched in the modern creamy color, which is the trend, and some even call cream the new white. Buy them for less than USD 100. The color may be modern, but it still holds on to the taste of the simpler times due to its basketball-ready design.

Photo: Shane Aldendorff

Charlie Platform Sneakers

White never goes out of style and is another color that can be teamed up with literally any outfit. They go well with both casual as well as formal wear and can be great for accentuating your attire. What makes these white sneakers better than the rest is the tiny black accent at the back of the shoes. The black detail upgrades the entire look of the same old white sneakers and gives them a sleek and classy edge. The best part about them? You can avail them at a budget-friendly price, at less than USD 70, and voila, you have an option ready even for those days when you are not sure what to wear.

Venturi Trainer Sneakers

Never again will you have to trade comfort for style once you lay your hands on these trainers. Veja is already well-known for its sleek sneaker collections, and if you are a fan too, then you are going to absolutely love this chunkier cream color. Wear them at the gym or to a casual party; your shoes will turn a few heads wherever you go.


Once worn by athletes, sneakers are now the go-to option for many, and there is something about styling sneakers in the autumn that makes them stand out from every other shoe. They do not just look trendy and cute but are also comfortable, and the styling possibilities are endless. You may already have a favorite pair or two, but you can never go wrong with adding a few more to your collection.