Lee Jeans releases FW22 Collection ‘Denim Is Our Nature’

lee jeans fw22

With the newly released Lee Jeans FW22 campaign, the brand with a legacy for blue jeans is looking a whole lot more green. It’s no surprise that all fashion brands will be reassessing their production and brand values to shift towards more environmentally friendly collections, however as a visit to any vintage shop will tell you, longevity and sustainability have always been woven into Lee Jeans brand DNA.

The new ‘Denim is our nature’ campaign, emphasises the brand’s roots in outdoor and workwear, while also signalling new youthful expansion with their varsity jackets. The new collection pays homage to their classic works while also giving an insight into the future of the brand and its values.

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While the design is the visual selling point, delving deeper into the clothing production is where the magic lies. Built on Lee Jeans ‘For a World That Works platform’, the brand has put planet-friendly processes first with their use of sustainable fibres and sustainable dyes. These include cotton hemp, organic cotton and sustainable dyes which can greatly reduce the impact the range’s production has on the environment.

lee jeans fw22

With a legacy spanning over 130 years, it could be easy to mistake Lee Jeans as a brand that survived solely on the classics. In truth, it’s their ability to adapt and change with the times, while not forgetting their past has continuously made them one to watch for every season. This new collection is another huge step forward – ‘Denim is our nature’ not only adds a modern design twist to their already famed aesthetic but by improving on their planet conscious production – Lee Jeans has future-proofed their brand in more ways than one.

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