Is it worth splashing out on an expensive prom dress?

Photo: Bruno Salvadori

The simple answer is no. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look or feel great at your prom. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth splashing out on the right dress.

Before you rush to the nearest store and buy the biggest fairy tale dress you can find, you’ll want to consider whether an expensive dress is the right choice for you.

Consider Your Style

You may think that your budget is the most important factor. However, while it is important, it’s even more important to spare a few moments to think about your style. If you love wearing slightly more risqué outfits or don’t want to wear the traditional ball gown style dress, then you need to check out these prom dresses. They aren’t just stunning, they are far more affordable than you may think. In short, you can fall in love with any of them and look fantastic at your prom without breaking the bank.

It’s worth taking a few moments to consider what style really suits you.


Your budget is an important consideration when choosing a prom dress. Many people will shop a year before to find the perfect dress and make sure they have time to save for it.

The key is to decide how much you can afford and stick to this budget. If money is no object then you’ll probably think it’s worth splashing out on an expensive prom dress. However, just because it’s worth a lot doesn’t mean that it will look good on you or anyone else.

That’s why, regardless of how much money you have, you should set a budget for the dress and accessories and stick to it.

Your Classmates

Being the richest girl in class means everyone is looking to you. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to buy the most expensive prom dress possible simply to meet expectations. Of course, it can be just as hard if you’re the poorest in the class, especially if some members are very well-off. You’ll feel pressure to compete with the others and will spend more than you can afford.

However, you simply need to remember that these people already know you. There is no pressure to meet their expectations. You can buy an expensive prom dress but you don’t need to.


The bottom line is that most prom dresses are only worn once. That is an important concept to remember when deciding how much to spend on the dress. Buy an expensive dress and you’re simply hanging money in your wardrobe. But, buy a stylish dress which costs less and you won’t just have more money to enjoy the party. You’ll also have a dress that can be worn again and one that is still high-quality but affordable.

Final Thoughts

You can buy an expensive prom dress but the question really is should you? After all, the last impression you want to make to people at prom is how wonderful you are as a person, not that you look great in designer clothes.