How to Extend Fan Base on Spotify and Gain More Plays

Photo: cottonbro

Spotify is a well-known music platform. It is used by a lot of artists to get their songs heard and get more fans. However, reaching a fan base on Spotify is never an easy task. This article highlights several ways musicians make Spotify promotion and improve statistics.

Using a distributor for your music

It might be challenging to figure out how to effectively advertise your songs if you are a solo musician working on your own. You are fortunate because, in this modern age, there are services provided by third parties. These services can assist you in separating useful information from the rest. Currently, almost everyone listens to music online. This gives you an edge since having your music available on Spotify helps in making your music available to the public. There is a wide variety of distribution options that are available to help you with your songs. Regardless of which distribution provider you choose to go with, some may require payment, while others may offer free demos.

Create a personal playlist

Making your music more widely available in this manner not only helps your career. It is also a great opportunity to connect with and educate your audience about your own musical interests. A blog-like feature enables Spotify users to create their own playlists. This playlist can be updated and controlled at any time. They are also completely customizable and even have their own album cover.

Utilize your Spotify artist profile to reach Spotify editors

In order to reach your fan base on Spotify, it is important to utilize your Spotify artist profile. On Spotify, you can see the imminent release provided you’ve claimed your artist profile and set up a release date. When this is done, the editors can put your music on a playlist that goes with your genre. All you have to do is Just click on the ‘Library’ symbol on the left side of your page. Then click on the ‘upcoming’ button to “Submit Music.” You can only do this when you have claimed an artist profile. It is also important for you to submit it at least three weeks before the publication date, following the instructions.

Playlists made by subscribers are far more significant than most people realize. Having your song uploaded to a playlist by virtually anybody is a fantastic way to expose it to a wider audience. It also does not matter if it is being played from a mobile device at someone’s place of employment or at a local coffee shop. Additionally, user playlists that are extensively listened to are often included in the about part of artist profiles. This makes it possible for anybody using the site to discover your music by chance and also increase your fan base.

Making your music is one thing, and reaching your fan base is another thing. A lot of artists with amazing songs find it difficult to get their music heard. This article highlights a few ways musicians can have a larger audience and get to their fan base on Spotify.