How Online CBD Brands Are Paving the Way for Standout Stores

It seems that CBD is everywhere you look these days. From online ads to its appearance in beauty creams and serums, it’s impossible to escape the grip it has on the wellness world. Lately, it’s increasingly common to see a special CBD store on the high street, too.

Given CBD’s long list of purported benefits, it’s easy to see why it has become such a popular product. However, CBD’s popularity has triggered a cultural takeover that isn’t seen with other supplements.

What started with the occasional CBD online shop has become a craze in which numerous exciting retail locations are popping up across the world. Big cities are a major hub for CBD lovers, with trendy stores catering to an influx of new customers from far and wide.

Find out how CBD online stores paved the way for these trend-setting shops below.

How the CBD Craze Began

Originally, CBD was a pretty niche product. Now, the industry could be worth $20 billion by 2024. What triggered this exceptional growth?

Initially, there were a handful of people using CBD. Its proponents were extremely passionate, though, educating others on the potential benefits.

As awareness and popularity grew, more funding was put into research. There is now an ever-growing body of evidence regarding CBD’s benefits, including:

  • Pain relief: As an anti-inflammatory, CBD has the ability to act as a natural pain reliever. It seems to be most effective when used in conjunction with some THC.
  • Mood boosting: Lots of users say they use CBD to reduce stress and keep anxiety at bay. In particular, it may benefit those with social anxiety.
  • Neuroprotective properties: A lot of the early hype surrounding CBD came because it helped several children with severe epilepsy to reduce their seizure frequency and intensity. It may have some other neuroprotective potential, too.

The myriad of benefits of CBD oil are easy to research online, with more studies emerging often.

Before long, there were plenty of CBD online shops selling the compound. Although CBD oil was the first popular product, it’s now possible to buy it in numerous formats. There’s a consumption method to suit all needs!

Unique CBD Stores

A lot has changed since CBD first hit the shelves. Its growing acceptance and confirmed legal status helped it go from a niche online supplement to something you could buy in person. There are now CBD stores in most large towns and cities, or at the very least health food stores selling the compound.

With all the competition on the market, some stores have sought ways to stand out from the crowd.

Dosist, LA

Los Angeles has long been renowned as a hub for cannabis enthusiasts, and CBD is no exception. Dosist opened its doors in Venice shortly after cannabis was legalized in the state, selling a dose-controlled vape pen.

This CBD store looks almost like an Apple shop, with sleek white interior and minimalist design.

Recess, NYC

On the other coast, Recess takes a completely different approach. The brand, headed by Ben Witte, existed without a store for a while. However, Witte increased brand presence with a pop-up shop.

Recess features neon mood lighting in an uber-chic location, and it regularly hosts events such as embroidery and pottery. They regularly sell out of tickets.

The brand itself specializes in drinks, with a canned CBD beverage available in numerous flavors.

The Drug Store, London

Even the United Kingdom is cashing in on the cannabis action. The Drug Store seems designed to change opinions on cannabis-based products. The owners selected Damien Hirst’s first gallery as the location, maintaining a sophisticated approach that also shines through in the products.

This luxury store is ideal for numerous budgets, with items ranging from £29 to £200. Plus, there’s a basement treatment room offering spa services.

Where to Get Quality CBD

These days, you can get your hands on quality CBD no matter where you are in the States, or in most European nations. The number of trendy CBD stores continues to grow, but users can still get their favorite products from a CBD online shop.

Amazing options exist when shopping for CBD oil for sale, with many online brands found throughout the United States. Shopping online has many advantages, too, including being able to browse on your own time and compare a large range of products.

For now, it seems that CBD is only getting more popular. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest trending items to hit the shelves, or even pop-ups opening near you.