FAULT Magazine in conversation with Saint Phnx

Musical duo and FAULT Favourites Saint Phnx have been hard at work recently both with the release of latest single entitled ‘Friends’ and their under wrapped upcoming album. We caught up with Saint Phnx to find out more about their process and of course, their FAULTs.

As you mentioned on twitter, ‘Friends’ was created between highs and lows – does writing make a good retreat from the chaos, or add to it? 

A:I think we have to write what is real at the time for us. We find songs connect more with our fans if we are completely honest in our songwriting and experiences as we now know that many of them are going through the same.

There’s an inclusion of Scottish bagpipes on Friends, would you say your background plays a strong role in all of the music you create, or was there a greater significance for this track? 

A:We are really proud to be Scottish and you can’t get any more Scottish than bagpipes! It’s a big part of who we are as a band and we wanted to showcase that in some way. Plus people like them.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of your recent musical journey? 

A:It’s been really hard trying to find a light in a world that has been so dark for so long.

You’ve been playing to huge crowds and achieving so much, would you say you are taking the time to take it all in or does it pass by in a blur because you’re so busy?

A: As an artist you always seem to want more and don’t really take in what you have at the time. It’s only when you have a moment of reflection where you take it all in and appreciate what you have done. Sometimes you are caught up in the next thing that you actually forget to enjoy what you’re doing.

What’s been the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

A:Live in the moment.

What’s the worst? 

A:Don’t drink cold drinks after eating pizza.

What’s the biggest fear you have for your music? 

A: That we die, our songs become massive and we don’t get to see it.

Do you prefer to dream big, or to set yourself a number of short term goals to reach? 

A:Dream big always

What is your FAULT?  

A: Always wanting more.