Billie Eilish also sings in Spanish

Billie Eilish, the famous artist of only 20 years old, is a worldwide phenomenon. She is a highly talented singer who started her career in 2015 when she released her first single through SoundCloud, called “Ocean Eyes”.

By 2016, at 14, the fabulous singer was already poised to become a sensation after a video she uploaded on YouTube went viral. By 2017 she released an EP, which her brother Finneas produced, called “Don’t smile at me”. In 2019 she released her first studio album.

Billie Eilish is the first singer to win a Grammy Award in the categories “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year” at a young age. The achievements of this beautiful young woman are many, but we still need to mention that she also sings in Spanish!

There is nothing Billie Eilish cannot do!

Billie Eilish fans know that the singer achieves perfection in everything she sets her mind to. She is willing to show that music knows no limits and that there are no language barriers that can stop the rhythms and melodies she creates. That is why she is always willing to sing in a language other than her own; English.

However, there is a language that she pronounces perfectly, and when she sings it, she leaves her followers fascinated. We are referring to Spanish. Yes! The singer amazed her followers who speak the language as she chose to sing a song by Carla Morrison called “Eres tu”. In her interpretation, Billie not only delights with her voice but also plays the guitar as accompaniment.

The artist’s Spanish handles left more than one amazed; it seems as if it was her second language (if you are interested in learning Spanish to interpret her lyrics, you can click here). Although she speaks in English, she has made known the love she has for Spanish; that is why she is often heard saying some words in that language or performing covers of songs in Spanish.

She has collaborated with several Spanish-speaking artists, such as, for example, Rosalía, participating in her song “Lo vas a olvidar”. Her pronunciation is so incredible that it seems like she had taken a spanish course in Madrid.

Her collaboration with Rosalía

As we have been saying, Billie Eilish has collaborated with several Spanish-speaking artists; in this case, it was Rosalia‘s turn. The long-awaited song “Lo vas a olvidar” has driven her fans crazy because Billie sings most of it in Spanish.

According to the singer, Rosalia was a great teacher when learning Spanish. In fact, when writing the song, Rosalia commented that it should be written in English, but Billie objected, arguing that Spanish was too beautiful. Therefore the music should be written in that language.

Billie says that when she learned the lyrics, she found it all so beautiful that the meaning took on even more weight. In this case, her brother Finneas also produced the song. He said that making music in Spanish was a challenge, but he was delighted with the result.

Of course, the video of the song “Lo vas a olvidar” video went viral immediately, becoming a trend in many countries. Within 24 hours of posting, the tape already had more than 14 million views on Billie Eilish’s official channel.

Why did the song “Lo vas an olvidar” generate so much commotion?

Many American artists have collaborated with Spanish-speaking singers, but very few of them sing in Spanish. Most of the time, their collaboration is singing in their native language. That is why her fans have fallen in love with the song after hearing Billie Eilish sing in beautiful Spanish.

In addition, the video’s dark atmosphere and the music’s depth, which plays with tragic sounds, contrast with the soft and sweet voices of the singers, creating a delightful balance.

This song is the first official song that Billie Eilish sings in Spanish, and it was a resounding success. But as we had already mentioned, it is not the first time she delighted the public by singing in Spanish, as she had previously done several covers in that language. However, in this case, Eilish’s Spanish left everyone speechless, as the singer has demonstrated her remarkable ability to speak a foreign language.

In addition, Rosalia is a Catalan singer who has chosen to bring a gypsy and Andalusian accent to her songs, which shows that Spanish is a complex language that encompasses a lot of different accents.

Spanish-language music has conquered the world

2020 was a year in which Latin music was heard all over the world. It could be said that it all started thanks to Bad Bunny, as the Puerto Rican singer was the most listened-to artist in the world through Spotify, reaching 8.3 billion listens, an astonishing number. This is because the singer, in 2020, released three albums, becoming the first Spanish-speaking person to achieve this record.

Another Latin name that occupies the top position of the most listened to artist is J Balvin. He is the third most listened to artist on Spotify and the first on Vevo.

Thus, Latin artists were gaining a lot of strength in the United States, a country where the listening to Spanish-language music (pop) has skyrocketed since the debut of “Despacito”.

Today, Latin labels have more weight and turnover in the U.S. record companies than Country music labels. This proves that Spanish has imposed itself in a culture as strong as the American one, a fact that can be seen by watching JLo and Shakira singing at the Superbowl presentation (one of the most classic events in American culture, performed by two Latin singers).

Spanish is catching on among the American people, and it seems to be here to stay. More and more people are opening up to listen to new lines of music related to other cultures, embracing Spanish as their own.