Actors who like to play in the casino. What are remembered casino actors to Australian gamers?

Gambling in the movies and reality. Actors in the movie casino who love playing in real

Acting is probably one of the most amazing professions. One moment you play the hero, and the next, you play the antagonist. The multitude of professions and roles allows you to be a completely different person, at least for a while. This gives a sense of pretense, risk, and the gamble. Let’s try to tell you which of the actors is the most involved in gambling entertainment and likes to visit casinos.

Life as a game – stories of casino actors who love gambling establishments

Recall the remarkable film by Martin Scorsese – Casino. Crime drama, shot in the best traditions of the era of hard-hitting films about the underworld. The leading roles were played by Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci. De Niro’s character faces the difficulties of change in the gambling business when the old techniques lose their importance, and the transition to the new game rules is inevitable. The film is famous for the high quality of its dialogues and ranks among the highest number of words in the movie.

Today, three of Hollywood’s most gambling actors are remembered

  1. Brad Pitt
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio
  3. Matt Damon

We will try to tell you the most interesting facts about movie stars related to gambling entertainment.

Eva Longoria

Let the heroes in movies solve all the problems, often resorting to robbery and firearms, but in real life, many people prefer to play cards calmly and judiciously. So one of the casino’s best actresses Eva Longoria (one of the most popular stars of modern shows), likes to relax at a game of Poker. The star of Desperate Housewives wholeheartedly loves the card game. Once, she had plans to open her own establishment. But, since 2008, the actress has held an annual charity poker tournament, attracting avid carders to bet for a good cause with her name.

Ben Affleck

Another famous Hollywood star, a frequent visitor to gambling establishments, has not served Ben Affleck’s biography well. Affleck is fully absorbed in all the subtleties of skill cards, studying with a private coach, the poker championship winner in the past. The actor was second in the prestigious tournament but also got into trouble playing in underground establishments. Once, at a game of Blackjack, Ben earned almost 800 thousand dollars overnight.

Having an outstanding memory, the Gone Girl star simply counted the cards, which naturally did not please the organizers of the underground fun. Excited, Ben Affleck gave a $150,000 tip, but that didn’t make up for the fraud. On that ill-fated evening, the actor was forbidden to play cards in that casino and in several well-known casinos in Vegas.

George Clooney

Another famous casino actor George Clooney went much further than the previous characters. With his good friend Matt Damon, Clooney often hung out at parties over a game of cards. Even before Ocean’s Trilogy, their interest in gambling was undeniable, but the movie became a defining moment in their hobby. The role of a genius swindler so pleased George that for a long time, the actor did not leave his role. 

Clooney was thrilled with his work in the movie and decided to develop his passion for gambling into something more. Soon after the premiere, he invested several million dollars and became a part-owner of a casino in Las Vegas. The actor is considered quite a strict but fair businessman, responsibly engaged in his favorite business.

The best casino actors have a warm feeling for their roles and continue to be interested in gambling in real life. But, for most, it’s a pleasant hobby that allows you to relax and unwind, and someone seriously approaches the game and wins solid prize money.

Top 5 movies about casinos

NameDirectorYear of issueRating on IMDB
CasinoMartin Scorsese19958,2
Ocean’s ElevenSteven Soderbergh20017,7
Casino Royale 2006Martin Campbell20068,0
Molly’s GameAaron Sorkin20177,4
FocusGlenn Ficarra, John Requa20156,6

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Choosing online casinos saves time and allows you to stay incognito and not get caught in the camera lens every time you want to check out the gambling club. Moreover, convenience and security allow celebrities to indulge their passion for risk without worrying about scandals and extra chatter in the yellow press. The main thing is that this privilege is not only available to the pantheon of Hollywood artists. Now in the movie about the casino, actors have an equal chance to meet in a card game with the average user.

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