The Correlation Between Looks, Happiness, And Self-Esteem

Photo: Armin Rimoldi

There are few things as valuable in life as self-esteem. Those that have high self-esteem will find joy in life and feel confident but it is also something that many people struggle with (particularly in a time of social media). Low self-esteem can affect all areas of life and can hold people back in their life. Additionally, improving self-esteem is not always straightforward which means that some people suffer from low self-esteem all of their life. One key area that links to self-esteem and happiness is looks – keep reading to learn more and how you could boost your self-esteem.

Why Self-Esteem Is Important

First, it is helpful to look at what self-esteem actually means and why it is important. Self-esteem refers to the value that people attach to themselves and this is closely linked to happiness because people will feel more confident in themselves. This can then help people to thrive in many areas of their life, including work, taking risks, trying new things and personal relationships. Those who lack self-esteem often stay in their comfort zone, do not take risks and often compare themselves to others (a dangerous tendency).

Why Looks Are Key

While looks are not the only factor that influences self-esteem, you will find that they play a major role. This is because people that are considered physically attractive are thought of as having high value and will be desirable to romantic partners and will also generally be more appealing to others. If someone perceives themselves to be unattractive, they are likely to feel self-conscious around others and may even shy away from social interaction.

The Role of the Media

While it might seem shallow, the link between physical attractiveness and self-esteem is clear. The media portrayal of unrealistic beauty standards in film, TV and magazines has made this link a battleground for many. Additionally, social media has played a key role in recent times, with people becoming increasingly self-conscious as a result of tendencies to compare their everyday selves to the often doctored highlights that others post.

Ways That People Can Boost Self-Esteem

So, it can be concluded that an effective way to improve self-esteem is to improve your looks and how you feel about them. It might not always seem easy, but anyone can become more physically attractive, and it starts with confidence. Whether this is achieved by increasing exercise, getting a new haircut or changing your wardrobe. Interestingly, hair plays a massive role in self-esteem and many people that suffer from hair loss find that their self-esteem dwindles. Fortunately, hair transplants can be a brilliant solution to this problem and many people find that it gives them a significant self-esteem boost and helps them to lead a happier lifestyle. You can contact the Harley Street Hair Clinic to arrange a consultation and learn more.

Other Factors

Crucially, it is important to note that it is not just looks that affect self-esteem, and many people that are considered to be objectively attractive suffer from low self-esteem, just like anyone else. Other ways that you can improve self-esteem include doing things that you enjoy and are good at, surrounding yourself with positive people and stepping outside of your comfort zone. If you believe that your self-esteem issues are restricting and/or negatively impacting your life then it is important to speak to a professional that will be able to help improve your life.

There is a very clear link between looks, self-esteem and happiness, and many people find that taking steps to become more attractive helps them to lead a happier life and feel a lot more confident.