– exclusive platform and a must for every Michael Jackson fan


Michael Jackson fans, attention: as the king of pop said himself “you are not alone”! On the exclusive platform, developed by a Swiss team, the musician and entertainer will live on. How? Through you and through the help of several musicologists. Michael Jackson’s extraordinary life is being displayed in a unique way inside the app, which is the biggest project surrounding Michael Jackson so far. The goal is to keep his legacy alive, through a digital and living piece of art.

Digital monument for Michael Jackson’s extraordinary life

Learn more about Michael Jackson’s unique story – read interesting details about his formative childhood years. Find out how they shaped his one-of-a-kind character and influenced his understanding and feelings for music and entertainment. Get to know his closest family, friends and other successful companions in insightful articles and learn more about his vibrant personal life. Read everything about his inspiring spiritual journey and how it was linked to his creativity. The app depicts how his groundbreaking success as an artist helped him to become the ultimate king of pop. shows that Michael Jackson was not only an extraordinarily talented singer and songwriter, but also a successful businessman, who used his fame wisely and for others. He changed the world in many ways. Find out who Michael Jackson really was!

Experience Michael Jackson related content for heart and soul

There is more on than simple details from his résumé. will provide content from different categories. You get to experience unreleased posthumous material in the form of creative paintings, entertaining music tapes as well as more details about his emotional, turbulent private life and activities as a businessman. You will get to enjoy, for example, 8-12 minute long videos about his life and breathtaking concert moments throughout his career. You can listen to his groundbreaking music and top hits, which will be analyzed thoroughly. You’re able to appreciate hundreds of paintings, poems and much more, all done by the king of pop himself. Most notably: a so far unreleased, exclusive meditation tape done by Michael Jackson for a friend will be added to the app. Other new content pieces will be uploaded constantly!

Michael Jackson will also be depicted in “The Story”, a multiple season long documentary, exclusively on the app. users will have premium access and can watch two videos each month about the musician.

Be part of the Michael Jackson legacy yourself

Michael Jackson loved to create art, not only with his music but also through drawing, sketching and writing. His work often depicted his inner soul. On you do not only get to see his creative and astonishing art, documents, videos and much more, but you can be part of the unique digital monument yourself. Simply by sending in your personal and creative artwork about Michael Jackson to the Fan Artwork category inside the app. The team of will handpick the most beautiful artwork to be displayed on the platform for others to enjoy.

How to get the app

Join the unique digital monument for only 20 $ per year by downloading it and get insight into unseen content. You will have access to the app on your phone or as a web version to enjoy every piece of content on a bigger screen. is provided by professional international designers, artists like Patrice Murciano and several developers. Furthermore, musicologists go through extensive research in hundreds of books, articles and other sources for every piece of content and art displayed on the app.

100 % of the proceeds of the app go to the connected, which helps children and their families around the world to get access to proper education. Nothing will be monetized. Just like Michael Jackson himself, who started several humanitarian projects, the goal is to create a meaningful and inspiring digital monument to keep Michael Jackson’s legacy alive.