Lovi Poe FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview

Lovi Poe X FAULT Magazine

Photographer / Creative Director: Raen Badua

Stylist: Iliki Price

Makeup Artist: Mylah Morales | Six K Management 

Hairstylist: Aaron Barry

Wardrobe Assistant: Nicole Harman

Photo Assistant: Christian Jay 

Words: Miles Holder

Lovi Poe has been working away in the music and film industry worldwide and in her native Philippines for over fifteen years. Lovi’s recent role in the TV Mini-Series ‘Sleep With Me’ we see the actress push new boundaries and help drive the work of fellow Filipino talent to a world stage.

With her eyes set on even greater things to come, we caught up with Lovi Poe to discuss her work, her process, and her FAULTs.

Your recent series ‘Sleep With Me’ won an award at ‘Outfest’, while we know that’s not the aim for creative arts, it must still feel nice to receive acclaim for all the hard work.

Lovi Poe: Yeah, definitely. we filmed Sleep With Me, not expecting it would be part of Outfest, but Sam Lee, our director really wanted the project involved and then all of a sudden we won Best Episodic! It’s great and we’re just really happy because the whole team worked really hard and I’m proud to be part of this.

There are many themes showcased throughout the show and with your cultural background in mind, did that add extra importance to make sure that you did this role justice?

Lovi Poe: For me, it was more than just playing a part, it’s the fact that I get to portray such a character and use my influence to normalise these kinds of stories, especially within the Philippines. We’re probably one of the few who would do such a project so I’m just really glad that our network and our producers took the risk and stepped out of the norm and just did something different and new for people to relate to.

You are an inspiration to many back in the Philipines and now in LA and fighting for representation, do you ever feel battle tired by that struggle?

Lovi Poe: Definitely. Being out in LA is a whole different beast. I’ve been working as an actress and as a singer for 15 years in the Philippines so it’s something that I’m used to.
Here in LA, everything’s brand new and it’s a great learning experience. Outfest is a good way to represent our country because it shows that we do have a lot of amazing actors, very talented directors and great writers. So it’s just nice to be able to showcase little parts of the Philippines and hopefully, we get to do more of it because I believe it is the time for Filipinos to go bigger and reach greater heights.

Sequin bow bodysuit: Charles & Ron
Satin glove: stylists own

Sleep With Me is of course very dramatised, but were there ever any scenes which hit close to home on a deeper level?

Lovi Poe: My character has a disability in that she sleeps during the day and stays up at night. My character also pushes people away when she feels like she’s falling into a deeper emotional state toward someone. I think at some points in my life, when I’m getting deeper into a certain feeling, I tend to run away from it all so I related to that part of my character.

Do you find it very easy to sort of separate yourself from the characters post-release or can they linger even after the project has wrapped?

Lovi Poe: It takes time. Especially when I do a TV series and I have to do it for six months or even years. That’s when I make the extra effort to leave, go on a trip just to get back to who I am and shake my character off. But that’s a good thing; even if sometimes you carry the burden of the character, it means you shared a strong connection to them as an actor.

Have you ever taken the time to stop and reflect on your acting journey or has it been too busy?

Lovi Poe: I did have a six-month break. I felt like for 15 years I’d been doing this whole routine and doing it nonstop. I’m not complaining, but as an actor, I felt like I needed to replenish my soul once again because I felt like everything became too technical. I took that breather, but while I was taking that break I was pretty upset most of the time. I got used to just working and loving performance so I couldn’t enjoy time off because I am such a workaholic.

What would you say has been the best advice you’ve ever received?

Lovi Poe: Always be consistent. People would always say that when you start as an actor, you need workshops and acting coaches because these people have been in the industry and can like impart wisdom. For me, the best learning experience is the work itself. You’re there to listen and learn from your peers, from your directors and that’s why I love working with different people because when I finish the project, I’m this student reaching graduation.

Patent leather trench coat: ASOS design
Vinyl trouser: ASOS design
Patent leather corset: Grayscale

What’s something you haven’t spoken about much, but you’d love to unpack?

Lovi Poe: I’m working on opening a production company in the Philippines. I just want to be able to give back to the industry that my Dad was part of and that I’m part of and bring Filipino representation international. That’s the goal for me. I haven’t really talked about that to anybody. So you’re gonna be the first one!

My Dad did have FPJ productions and it was huge back in the day. I think it would be nice to continue his legacy and be able to push it further in support of my fellow Filipinos back home. Hopefully, my dad from wherever he is will guide me through every step of the way.

What’s been the hardest hurdle you’ve had to overcome?

Lovi Poe: The hurdle is me. When fear kicks in and I suddenly doubt myself. I’m always the worst hurdle that I’ll have. It’s always my mind I have to overcome – I’m my own worst enemy.

What is your FAULT?

Lovi Poe: I’m a perfectionist, that is my biggest flaw. I’m too hard on myself, but I want to get things done perfectly – but it’s okay. I’m human.