Laufey FAULT Magazine Photoshoot and Interview

FAULT Magazine x Laufey

Laufey poses in photoshoot for fault magazine

Photography: Jack Alexander

All Clothing: Paul Smith

 The hype just continues to mount after the release of Laufey’s debut album Everything I Know About Love. With new track ‘Falling Behind’ and an already sold out UK Tour on the books, fans are showing their support for the LA-based, by way of Iceland, musician with a killer writer’s pen.  

We caught up with Laufey to discuss her process, her journey and of course, her FAULts.

You started doing music during the pandemic, tell us about your journey.

I come from a family of classical musicians so I started playing piano and cello from a very young age. It wasn’t until right before the pandemic that I started mixing up the different styles of music that I had studied, like classical and jazz, and started to mix them together to create my own sound. Once the pandemic hit and I found myself stuck at home I decided to release my first song, Street by Street and see what would happen. At the same time, I started posting little videos performing my original songs and jazz standards on social media and everything snowballed a bit from there! I built my team, moved to LA and recorded my debut album at the beginning of this year and here I am now!

Had your writing style shifted since the end of the lockdown?

Definitely! I had just started writing during lockdown and didn’t dare to experiment too much with jazz and classical sounds because I was a bit afraid of being deemed too old-fashioned. But after releasing an EP and growing my audience I’ve definitely gained more confidence in my writing ability! I’ve matured a lot with Everything I Know About Love both sonically and lyrically.

How are you balancing the fear with the excitement of your big debut?

I think I’ve managed to adopt a mindset that is just being proud of myself for writing and recording a whole album however the release goes. I’ll only release my first album once so I’m just enjoying the novelty of everything! I’m so happy with the final outcome and I’ve been waiting all year to show it to my fans! I’ve also spent most of the summer in Iceland with my family who gives me so much support and love so I haven’t had much space to overthink it!

What’s one key message you want to deliver with your music?

That jazz and classical music can exist within the modern music world!

What’s been the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

When I started pursuing music first and was worried about what my career would look like my mother told me that I owed it to myself to give my passion, music, a try. I’ve found that not everybody feels a strong calling in life so if you do, you owe it to yourself to answer to it!

What’s been the worst?

To choose the safer option.

Are you making long-term goals with your music or are you taking each day as it comes?

I definitely have long-term goals in mind – it keeps me focused and excited to work towards something! However, I think it’s also super important to enjoy the day-to-day and be prepared to adapt as the music industry is truly an ever-changing place!

What’s your biggest fear that doesn’t pertain to your music?

That I’ll lose my twin sister

What is your FAULT?

I’m indecisive

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