Getting Suited and Booted: Where and When are Suits a Must?

If you are due to attend an event or an interview and you aren’t sure what to wear, then you will know what a frustrating experience this can be. You may feel as though you just have no idea what to wear and that you are also having a hard time planning out your outfit. If this is the case, then you should know that there are some instances where getting suited and booted is a must. If you want to find out more then take a look below.

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Job Interviews

This is an absolute no-brainer. This would include anyone who is trying to get a position at a more casual place of work, such as Apple, Facebook or even Google. There is a lot of buzz regarding the culture of start-ups and dressing casually, but at the end of the day, every recruiter will notice how you are dressed. If you happen to wear a suit to an interview, then you will soon see that this conveys that the interview is worth your time and that you have put in a lot of effort as well. Wearing a suit to an interview is essential if you know that you are going to be seeking a more client-facing role or if you are wanting to impress. Wearing a suit is so important if you want to stand out from the crowd, and if you are worried about it being comfortable then you may well want to opt for something more of a classic fit.

Going to the Casino

A lot of people go to the casino, and this is great, but did you know that some casinos have a dress code? Casino outfits and dress code policies can vary so it is important that you make sure that the outfit you are going for, matches what the casino wants you to wear. Some of the most exclusive casinos in the world tend to have very strict dress codes, and there is someone at the door who makes sure that you are not breaking the rules in any way. You have to make sure that you take this into account when the time comes for you to visit because it will help you to become part of the experience.


You don’t want to show up for a networking event not looking your best. If you can do what you can to try and make sure that you wear the right attire, then this will help you out quite a lot. If possible, you need to wear a suit as this is the best way for you to truly impress. In addition to this, if you do dress well, you may find that you can attract the best people who work in the industry, and this can help you to get higher in your general position. In any formal setting, you have to wear a tie and you also have to make sure that it isn’t too flashy or with too much of a pattern. In situations like this, it is very easy for you to go for something like a peak lapel suit as this will help you to give off those entrepreneurial vibes. You may even find that they help you to appear more confident and that they help to bring out the risk-taker in you. If you are intending on wearing your suit without any kind of tie, then you may want to instead opt for more of a formal belt. This will help you to complement the suit that you are wearing, and this is much more suited to commercial marketing events where you may see a lot of different outfits on display.

Business Presentations

This is basically a mobile interview. If you can, you have to make sure that you look your best and that you make this your priority. If you know that you are the presenter, then it is vital that you take the time to avoid any patterned shirts. Sure, you can remove the suit jacket if you feel as though you are the most over-dressed, but at the end of the day, it is still a good idea for you to opt for this instead of under-dressing. Sometimes places like this do not require you to put on your best suit either. This gives you the best opportunity if you want to try out a suit that is more casual-elegant rather than just being too formal.