Keep Tights Looking Modern by Following These 6 Style Tips

Photo: Olha Ruskykh

Tights aren’t just used by flight attendants and ballet dancers. They’re a versatile wardrobe staple that can be worn in casual, professional, and formal situations. Indeed, quality tights can instantly elevate your look, adding a touch of elegance and polish that’s sure to turn heads. This is why many designer brands often incorporate these pieces into their trendiest outfits.

It’s quite easy to create fresh and chic looks using tights. All you really need are a few essential pieces and a bit of creativity. Fortunately, tights are quite accessible since they’re available in many clothing stores. In fact, you might even have a few pieces lying around in your closet. They also come in a variety of designs and colors, which means you have plenty of options to choose from and work with.

If you need some inspiration, below are six tips for using tights to create modern and stylish outfits:

Complement Your Tights with The Right Footwear

It’s important to complement your legwear with the right footwear. A great pair of shoes can draw attention to your tights and emphasize their best qualities. Similarly, the wrong kind of footwear can bring down a whole outfit, making your tights look unflattering or tacky.

On that note, high heels and boots are ideal footwear choices. A pair of pumps can give tights a more glamorous appearance while making your legs look longer. Meanwhile, ankle-high booties look posh and playful. Pairing your tights with knee-high boots is a definite must in colder weather, as they provide extra coverage while looking very chic. If you want to shake things up, try wearing your tights with a pair of white sneakers or trainers. While this seems like an unusual combination, it creates a casual, youthful, and effortlessly cool look.

Experiment with Different Tight Styles

Plain black tights are understated and sophisticated pieces that pair well with almost anything. However, they’re not the only available options. Tights come in all kinds of styles, so it’s good to experiment with them and see what works for you. You can instantly add some panache to your usual outfits by trying on tights in different designs. Keeping this in mind, below are three types of tights that you might want to consider investing in:

Print Tights

As the name suggests, print tights have shapes or patterns printed on them. They’re usually quite bold and colorful, making them great statement pieces. You can opt to match them with a bright but solid-colored top or skirt. This ensures that the visual elements of your outfit aren’t too overpowering, while still keeping your outfit lively. For example, you can wear your tights with a black leather jacket, a bright pink mini skirt, and black pumps.

You can also pair your print tights with clothes in more neutral and subdued colors. This allows your tights and shoes to take center stage. For example, you can wear your tights with a white midi dress, cream-colored wool coat, and gold statement heels.

Textured Tights

Textured tights are similar to print ones, except they’re more understated. They’re usually made of nylon or lace material, with opaque cutouts that form patterns. These cutouts can be shaped like flowers, animals, geometric shapes, and so much more. The best part about these tights is that their subtle designs make them easier to match with other clothes. However, it’s still best to pair them with neutral-colored and streamlined garments. This ensures that your outfit remains visually balanced.

If you have a pair of ripped jeans that show off a bit of skin, you can add a little twist to them by wearing textured tights underneath. This creates an edgy and modern look by letting the patterns peek through the rips and holes in the denim.

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights are also fun to style and play around with. They’re usually woven in a criss-cross pattern that looks very chic and classy. Be sure to get fishnet tights in a smaller weave, as they look more sophisticated than those with bigger weaves. For an extra modern touch, try nude-colored tights, which have become quite popular over the years. You can pair them with a frilly cream-colored blouse, a beige mini skirt, and light brown heels.

Turn to The Classics for Formal Occasions

While it’s great to experiment with different tights, those in more conservative styles still have an important role to play. This is especially true when you’re attending work or formal events. Plain black and nude tights are the go-to options when you want a fresh and sophisticated look.

When selecting nude tights, be sure to get them in a matte finish. Shiny varieties tend to give your legs a plastic-like sheen that looks unflattering. On the other hand, you can choose to use black leggings with a slight shine to them, as they can create an elegant slimming effect.

If you want a dinner party outfit that’s classy yet cool, try going for an all-black ensemble. This includes black tights, black heels, and a little black dress. As for work, you can pair black tights with a white long-sleeved shirt, beige midi skirt, and black heels. You can also opt to throw on a tan or navy blazer for some extra flair.

Pair Your Tights with Oversized Clothing Pieces

If you’ve got oversized clothing pieces at home, consider pairing them with your tights. Long and large garments can look nice on their own, but this isn’t always the case. Firstly, wearing them without any bottoms can feel uncomfortable, even if they’re quite lengthy. Plus, they can look frumpy without any additional pieces to elevate them. Tights can provide a more polished and well-composed look, since their snug fit provides a pleasant contrast to loose-fitting clothes. This prevents oversized pieces from looking sloppy and unflattering. You can pair your tights with a large knit sweater and booties for a cozy fall look. Or you can wear an oversized t-shirt with tights and knee-high boots for a more casual ensemble.

Match Your Tights with Denim Shorts

Denim shorts always look youthful and cool, but a nice pair of tights can take these qualities to the next level. Tights and denim shorts are the perfect combination for bright summer days or get-togethers with friends. Tights add a trendy layer to the whole look, giving it more depth.

For an effortlessly hip outfit, wear your tights with high-waisted denim shorts, a cropped graphic t-shirt, and black booties. If you’re wearing tights in a darker tone, be sure to pair them with denim shorts in a lighter wash for better contrast. Likewise, light-colored tights should be paired with shorts in a much darker wash.

Wear Tights Under Your Romper

Rompers are the ultimate one-piece outfits, as they provide maximum comfort, style, and convenience. They combine both shorts and a top, which means you can easily slip them on during busy days. Similar to the effect they create with denim shorts, wearing tights underneath a romper can add a whole new dimension to it. It creates a look that’s both feminine and boho, which is perfect for spring, summer, or fall. For example, a brown floral-patterned romper can be worn with black tights and camel-colored boots. You can enhance the look with dangly gold earrings or a beaded statement necklace.

Tights may seem unassuming at first glance, but they can pack a punch when paired with the right clothes, accessories, and footwear. If worn correctly, they can instantly transform a good outfit into a breathtaking one. Whether you’re heading to work, going on a night out with friends, or simply taking a stroll outside, tights can help you look snazzy and fashionable with little effort.