How to pick the best blush and highlight shade for you

We all remember the bold rise of the ‘glass skin’ trend, where a glowing, hydrated look was the ultimate moment! Glass skin is still popular, but our skin can’t always recreate that ultra-hydrated shine naturally. Blush and highlight can imitate a glossy, flushed look. Unfortunately, picking out the best blush and highlight shade is easier said than done! Whilst our highlight shades are taking the world by storm, we offer you valuable advice on picking the best blush and highlight shade for you. 

The warmer the skin tone, the warmer the blush

A good rule of thumb to follow is this: the warmer the skin tone, the warmer the blush. Golden and deep skin tones always benefit from a rich blush shade, such as a sultry rouge stain or a swipe of peach. You want to complement your skin tone, not draw away from its beauty! Sometimes, a blush that is too muted or, for those with paler skin, too pigmented, lures the eye away from what matters – your lovely cheeks and face! 

Choose a highlight only one or two shades lighter than your skin

A good highlight should ‘pop’, but it shouldn’t pop too much! An extremely light highlight washes any complexion out, deep or fair. We understand that choosing a highlight can be quite a challenge – Iconic has a pretty great amount of shimmers, powders and creams to choose from! But, follow this advice: choose a highlight no more than two shades lighter than your skin. For porcelain or fair skin, pearl and pink finishes are particularly beautiful. Medium skin benefits from a wash of champagne, and dark skin can pull off the most beautiful sun-kissed tones on the market. A golden glow can add sparkle to any makeup look.

Application is everything

Applying your brush and highlight is everything. With poor application, it doesn’t matter what shade your blush or highlight is! Your face may still look dull, or enhanced in all the wrong places. Luckily, Ninni Nummela with Chanel Makeup for Glamour Magazine provided some useful advice:

“By applying blusher high on top of the cheeks, you will achieve a more youthful effect. Smile to find the apples of your cheeks and with a rounded brush, start by applying the colour in the middle and blend softly outwards in round strokes, allowing the colour to be more intense in the middle for depth.” 

Many people also find applying brusher closer to the temple and the hollows of the eye to be an attractive, cutesy look! This elongates your features and draws attention to the elegance of your cheekbones. Of course, it also enhances the beauty of your eye colour!

Iconic products, for Iconic highlight

Try one of Iconic London’s beautiful highlight shades, to unveil the glow in your skin. Our shimmer shades and matte highlights are flattering and draw attention to the gorgeous high points of your face! If you want to make an Iconic impact, there’s no other choice for you.