How Movies Influence Online Casinos

As much as no one will admit it, the entertainment and the gambling industry have some minor ties. These two industries have influenced themselves in different ways over the years. It is the reason why live casino scenes in movies are not far-fetched nowadays. But that is a discussion for another day. Here we will consider some ways movies have influenced online casinos. We won’t shy away from some of the negatives so brace yourself. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Movie Themed Games

Movie-themed games are perhaps the most glaring way movies have influenced online casinos. It is most prominent in slots and almost every software provider has at least one movie-themed slot game and we mean it. Take a look at some top software providers and one of their top titles sourcing its theme from a movie:

  • iSoftBet – Basic Instinct
  • Playtech – Batman Begins
  • Microgaming – Terminator 2
  • 888 Gaming – Nightmare on Elm Street

Those are only a few as there are several others in the industry. We see nothing wrong in this innovation and it gives players more reason to play specific titles. For once, they can feel a connection with games as they play the game of their favorite movies.

Improved Advertisements

Take a little time to look at old-school casino advertisements and you will understand what we mean. Don’t get us wrong—they looked better back in the days; but compared to what we have today, it is no match. Not only do casino adverts now look entertaining, but they also use big movie stars to promote their brands which double the publicity. And fans see this as an avenue to trust such a brand which makes them sign up without worries.

Transforming Gambling Into a Game of Skill

It is not uncommon to hear that online casino games are games of luck. And while this is correct, it is only to a certain degree. Many gamblers use the ‘game of luck’ excuse to dive headfirst into games they know nothing about. Gone are the days when that worked in online casinos because the games have gotten better and more advanced.

Movies, on the other hand, portray gambling to be a game of skill. It shows you several scenes when the main character is learning and building knowledge on how to win these games. When people see such in several movies, it begins to change the general sentiment of seeing gambling as one lucky game that anyone can dabble into without any prior knowledge.

Don’t get us wrong on this one also because we are not writing off luck in gambling. Yes, you win more when you are in luck, but skill also significantly tips things in your favor and movies are doing a great job of reminding us.

Charisma and Appearance

Movies subconsciously instill a sense of charisma and good appearance for most gambling scenes. Picture this – You will see the main character dressed in a fabulous suit and other individuals in the casino are also dressed fashionably. The main character is also charismatic and well-known by several individuals and even staff, and he has so many buddies around and it is all smiles and fun. These subconscious inputs from movies are influencing you and you are not aware.

Before, the general stereotype for online casinos is that it is for lonely and dejected people who have no friends and also end up getting addicted. And such a mentality doesn’t allow them to even think of visiting a casino, not to talk of gambling. But seeing a different picture in movies has reshaped their mentality to see things differently. Now people believe that even men of class visit casinos so they want to have a taste too. So what is the next best alternative? You guessed right, online casinos!


When we said we won’t shy away from the negatives, we meant it. And criminality is one of the major negatives that movies have impacted online casinos and the gambling industry in general. Most gambling movies have links to drugs and other criminal offenses. Casinos in movies are seen as a place for smokers, guns, and other malicious activities. And no one can turn a blind eye to such scenes.

Today, many people still believe that gambling, whether online or offline, is riddled with criminality. Some even believe that online casinos are for money laundering which is not the case. If only they could take a little time to research and they will know that legit casinos have mechanisms against money laundering, maybe things would have been different but it is what it is. We guess everything good also has its bad side.

Consistent Wins

The main character in gambling movies almost never loses. While we can understand that they use it to promote their storyline, it is doing more harm than good to online casinos. Now several individuals who know nothing about gambling think they can create an account and start winning consistently, just like their favorite movie character.

Well, it doesn’t end well because they realize that there is no 100% win rate in the industry. And while some realize it early and make amends with risk management, unfortunately, others have gone too deep and lost several amounts before realizing it.


It is undeniable that movies have effects on online casinos. And as much as we love the positives, we can’t do away with the negatives. So if you learned about online gambling from a movie, don’t try it without educating yourself properly.