Cannabis And Fashion: A Match Made In Heaven

Photo: Ichad Windhiagiri

Fashion has a highly interesting and deep history. Different clothing designs, the invention of new materials, and the addition of new elements to the hair, accessories, and jewelry on the neck, hands, and ears all date back to ancient times.

Fashion undoubtedly caters to the more attractive side of humanity, but people do not tend to stop there. As a result, the variety of fashion goods grows yearly, and the fashion industries one of the most rapidly growing ones and will continue to do so.

As the industry changed and grew, the fashion business extended its selection of contemporary products during the same period.

As a result, practically all personal consumption items are now included in fashion products, including drinks, automobiles, motorcycles, furniture, accessories, and so on.

Recently, there has been an increased use of cannabis, in other words, an increase in popularity. Consumption devices like bongs, dabs, and vapes, tools like dab torches and grinders are everywhere, and people are using them. Some do that for fun, and others are looking for relief from certain conditions, but whatever the reason, there is no doubt that the market is only going to grow from here.

The popularity of cannabis is notable in the fashion world as well. Cannabis, or hemp to be more specific, has qualities that make it ideal for garment production in addition to having a very low environmental effect during cultivation.

1. When They First Came Together

Cannabis is easily cultivable, resistant, UV-ray protective, moisture-absorbing, pesticide-free, and resistant. It is inconceivable that a natural substance with these qualities and properties would face challenges and difficulties during the cultivation and use processes.

Even if recently things have been gradually changing and getting better, it still is.

Hemp’s history dates back 8,000 years; it was the first fiber that man used, and up to the Second World War, it was widely cultivated and used for a variety of purposes throughout the world.

Its principal uses of it in the past included the production of paper, fuel, ropes, sails, curtains, and fabrics. However, considering their high nutritional content and potential usage as a food source, seeds are also an option.

2. Popular Trends

Up until recently, the only cannabis-related products available on the market were the occasional weed-leaf t-shirts because cannabis never had any place in the modern fashion business due to its bad connotation and criminal incarceration.

The modern lifestyle movement as well as the work of today’s leading stylists reveal the continuous rise of legalization and cannabis culture. And we can now see cannabis present in today’s fashion industry.

In his fall 2016 show, Alexander Wang, used black and white patterns with a marijuana motif in the “grunge” style of mohair skirts and coats.

In parallel ad campaigns that year, Wang even went so far as to use models to roll reeds.

That same year, cannabis jewelry became very popular as well. For example, the brand Vetements featured a necklace with a pot grinder in its collection. Additionally, earrings shaped like cannabis leaves have made an appearance at fashion shows.

3. The Public’s Opinion

Cannabis in the fashion industry is no longer that complicated, as it is something that most of society approves.

Given that a large number of countries are moving toward legalization, it makes sense to assume that the public is accepting it more.

It shouldn’t be surprising that fashion designers are attempting to create something that reflects the image of today’s trendy, sophisticated cannabis consumer as a big number of fashion buyers are between the ages of 20 and 35.

4. The Impact

The impact that cannabis has on the fashion industry is huge. Not only does it provide new jobs, but it also does not pollute the environment which is one of its greatest benefits. Its production process is safe and simple and everyone benefits from it.

5. Celebrities Who Are On Board With This Trend

It is a fact that there are celebrities from various areas who are currently talking a lot about cannabis.

Since it is now a key ingredient in a variety of products, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics the number of famous users is increasing from day to day.

When talking about cannabis in the fashion industry, it is important to note that it is durable and comfortable and your clothes will always look new. Threads made from cannabis are simply undestroyable.

Because hemp does not cause intoxication, it is legal throughout the US design stores.

Some of the most popular celebrities who talk openly about this are Kim Kardashian, Morgan Freeman, Seth Rogan, Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Moore, Kristen Bell, and many more.