How to choose a corset for your male partner

Photo: Sergey Meshkov

Almost always, when someone writes or speaks about corsets, the focus is on women wearing corsets. The garment is frequently associated with unrealistic body preconceptions, particularly for women, but as more individuals accept the non-binary style, it appears that some men are now wearing corsets to challenge social conventions. While men in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries may not have been as open about their interest in fashion and personal grooming, there was certainly a trend for men to be well-groomed and trendy.

This may appear to be a step too far for some, but men, like women, tried to fit into that amazing shape that was considered desirable at the time. Purchasing items for others is always difficult, but purchasing a corset for someone who has likely never worn a corset before can be even more difficult. We are here to help! For starters here’s an amazing complete corset guide that can help you with all your corset-related queries. This will come in handy when you are sizing your male partner. Now let’s dive into the article to know more.

Males wearing corsets

Men wearing corsets aren’t as common today as it was in the nineteenth century, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Male corsetry is as popular as ever, and while a corset isn’t a common garment for men, many men benefit from wearing one. Since the invention of the corset, many narrow-minded people have referred to it as a “moral evil” and its use as “indecent.” People tried hard to discourage the use of corsets and spread false rumors about them. Rumors began to circulate about health problems caused by corsets and the negative effects of tightlacing.

Why do men wear corsets?

To buy a good corset you first need to figure out your man’s reason to wear one. Corsets, while tummy trimmers are not choking death machines. Unfortunately, misogynist men who thought corsets were vain and frivolous spread a large portion of these rumors. Men who initially disliked corsets came to secretly admire them, even going so far as to wear them to relieve backache, offer additional spinal support, or merely to look and feel good-looking.

Corsets are also used for medical purposes and to correct posture. Corsets can also be used as waist trainers, which aid in temporary weight loss or correction. Corseting on a regular basis can help build muscles and train the body to adopt good posture. Many men wear corsets to relieve back and muscle pain. Corsets were worn by many celebrities, including Andy Warhol and John F. Kennedy, for back support.

Things to keep in mind

Corsets are tummy trainers; they shape your body fat to give you a toned and fit appearance. This does not work for men who are visibly obese. Corsets give the appearance of a toned body. The male anatomy differs greatly from that of a female, which must be considered when selecting a corset. Male waistlines are typically lower than female waistlines, and male torsos are significantly longer. It is critical, as with any corset for both men and women, to get the fit correct so that your corset is convenient. Avoid over-tightening the corset as well, as this will cause discomfort.

We recommend having a corset made bespoke for men who intend to wear a corset on a regular basis, whereas an underbust corset will suffice for men who want to wear a corset every now and then. To ensure the best possible fit, check our size guides and take note of your measurements.

The two types you can go for

An underbust corset may be able to deliver the results desired by women looking for a corset for their male partner without having to spend a fortune on a specialized garment. An underbust corset supports the rib cage and the torso and can help men reduce their waist size and flatten their stomachs.

Overbust corsets are a popular style of corset that runs from the hips up and over the bust. Corsets with an overbust are supportive, comfortable, and figure-flattering. They can also be donned as undergarments or as a fashion statement, allowing the corset to double as an outer garment.

Final advice

Wearing a corset for the first can be quite a journey and we are so glad you are here for your man. The most obvious piece of advice is to shop for appropriate clothing for your man while he is present. Shopping with him, on the other hand, allows you to get a sense of his preferences before going out to buy something for him on your own. If you want to encourage him to try something new, like this corset, make it a subtle departure from his usual tastes rather than a complete departure that he is unlikely to embrace. So, go ahead and buy that corset for your man.