FAULT Magazine Premiere: Segiri Shares New Single ‘Silence Speaks’

Segiri’s individuality and unique writing style has continually placed them top of mind for listeners in need of pop music that packs a punch. While previous single ‘Undone’ helped propel Segiri to new heights, new single ‘Silence Speaks’ is a declaration that she is here to stay.

With a powerful vocal and punching production from hitmakers Banx & Ranx, the track is loud, fiery and everything we’ve been waiting for.

In Segiri’s own words:

“Silence Speaks brings silence to life and gives it form and personality. We’ve all been there, I think, unable or unwilling to communicate. You can feel lonely despite being with someone. Harsh words can hurt but sometimes silence can be more destructive. Saying nothing can say everything. And it can hurt.”

We’re super excited to premiere the new track below!