FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview With Twinnie

While you may be more familiar with Twinnie for her acting talents, it’s her four track EP Welcome To The Club which has everyone talking right now. 

Arguably her most personal project so far, Twinnie has used her music to open conversations about self-love, confidence and living in the glory of all one’s human FAULTs. 

With this in mind, we caught up with Twinnie to find out more! 

With the release of Welcome To The Club, what would you say was the message you wanted to send with this release? 

I really wanted to celebrate everyone’s differences and deliver a message of inclusiveness. I truly believe that everyone should be free to be their true selves and Welcome to the Club is a call to action for people to liberate themselves from society’s rules. 

How has your musical journey helped you realise your true self? 

As an artist I think I’ve found a freedom that I didn’t have before. Writing music has helped me to discover an authenticity that comes from being as open and honest as possible.

There’s a narrative thread between all your music videos this project, what inspired you to release them in this way? 

On the back of these music videos there will be a short film coming out too. I really wanted to showcase the story of these songs and highlight mental health too. The narrative of these visuals ties together in the film and I’m excited for everyone to watch soon. 

Are the lyrics of Dying Inside inspired by true to life feelings you have experienced? 

Yes, all my songs come from experiences that I’ve been through or witnessed and Dying Inside was written about my own heartbreak and mental health experiences. I hope people can find some solace in this song and realise that they are not alone. 

Does creating music about those experiences, help you move on from them? 

Yes, definitely. Writing them out really helps to process and come to terms with what I’ve been through. Songwriting is a form of therapy for me and it’s an outlet I’m really grateful for. 

What would you say has been the hardest song to write on this EP?

As they all come from an authentic place, writing them wasn’t that difficult for me but deciding to release ‘Dying Inside’ was extremely difficult as it is such an honest look into that time in my life but I’m so glad I decided to share it as it is helping so many people which is really rewarding. 

Do you struggle with the vulnerability which comes from being so honest through your music?

Not really, I think writing those feelings out will always be something that really helps me. Of course sharing them with the world takes some courage but It’s the best feeling in the world when you know you’ve helped someone through your art. 

What would you say has been the most challenging musical hurdle you’ve had to overcome? 

Just trying to get heard in an industry that is often over saturated. It can be really difficult to get your art out there and to get noticed but I’m extremely grateful for the amazing opportunities that have come my way so far and I love the path that I’m on. 

What are you most looking forward to now that your EP has dropped? 

Playing live. I’ve had some great shows already this year and have some exciting gigs lined up in Nashville along with UK festival dates this summer. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing the crowd sing your songs back to you and to hear how the songs have truly connected. 

What is your FAULT?

I’m not sure I’d say it’s a fault but I always need to have the final say in what I’m creating. I know what I want my music to sound like and would rather take full control over the creative project rather than let go and allow somebody else the final say on what I release.