College Students Guide to Car Insurance


It is not uncommon for college students, even first years, to bring cars to campus and their new college town destinations. So. that raises the question of auto insurance. Do college students often get their own policy after heading off to university, or do they stay on their parents’ policy? Truth be told, several often stay on their parents’ policy as they were in high school if they did drive then. Young drivers pay the most for car insurance, and college students still match the criteria. However, there are ways for the more financially independent college students to find their own affordable car insurance coverage –but it will take some doing and knowledge, all of which this post will cover. 

Why College Students’ Car Insurance is so Expensive 

New and young drivers can pay several times the amount an average driver would. The main age group for such high insurance rates is drivers aged 18 to 25. Typically, they are in high school or college at this point or have graduated. It’s been reported that 18-year-old drivers cost nearly $7,000 annually to insure. Compared to the national average of $1,630, that is just absurd. It begins to lower as they get older and form more of a tangible driving record but really begins to average out when they turn 24 or 25. Granted, a driver around that age may still have to pay double the amount of the average, but it is still in the general ballpark of under $3,000. Now, why is this the case? It’s simply because new drivers are, well, new and therefore subject to more risk of causing or being involved in an accident. The lack of a driving record doesn’t help their case much either. A young driver can be the safest driver ever and still pay above the average for insurance. 

What College Students do For Car Insurance 

As previously mentioned, an outgoing college student can remain on their family’s auto policy or get car insurance of their own. College students won’t typically be refused car insurance from a provider unless their little driving record has an accident or traffic violation mark. If a college student is already defined as a high-risk driver, then they would be better off on their parents’ policy. There are some car insurance discounts that they can even take advantage of. 

Car Insurance Discounts For College Students 

You read that right – discounts. Despite being seen as risky drivers by insurance providers, there are ways that college students can save both on their parents’ policy or their own. Some of these college student-based discounts are:

  • Away from home discount – If a student is attending college at least 100 miles away from home, they may qualify for this discount as they bring their car to school. 
  • Driving less discount – College campuses are designed to have easy access to every building by walking. So, college students often use their cars significantly less than the average driver. Based on the reduced mileage, the insurance company may cut this discount. 
  • Good student discount – Your grades matter even in the car insurance industry because students can get a discount if their grades are good enough. These grades usually must be at least a B or a GPA of at least 3.0. Honor roll students more than likely qualify for this discount as well. 

The Best Car Insurance Companies For College Students 

A college student isn’t limited by their selection of possible auto insurance providers if they are getting their own policy. Both local and national companies see students inquire and apply for coverage every day. When it comes to shopping for car insurance, always take advantage of those free quote calculators on their websites to see how much you could be paying for coverage with them. Gather several of these and compare and contrast to find the best provider for your college life.