Alice Merton FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview

Alice Merton’s brand new album S.I.D.E.S just dropped today and it’s already got the world talking. With two years of blood, sweat and tears all culminating into this wonderful piece of art, we caught up with Alice to discuss the album, her process and of course, her FAULTs.

How would you describe your artistic headspace during the development of the S.I.D.E.S album?

I would say my headspace started off pretty awful. I wasn’t in a good place, I didn’t even want to get out of bed for about a month. It got better at some point, and it really helped to sit at the piano every day and just write whatever I felt at that moment.

What would you say was the most emotionally taxing track to make on the album?

I would say Mania was pretty emotionally taxing. It tells a very personal story of how someone who I loved working with and looked up to for so long kind of let me down in the worst way possible and basically disappeared out of my life. Letting you know was also pretty tough though.

Would you say there was one clear message or outcome you wanted the listener to understand or experience after finishing the album?

Yes. That no matter how dark of a place you are in, you will get out of it. It often doesn’t feel like you will, but you will.

What track will you have the most fun performing live?

The Other Side :) and Mania because it’s so dramatic!

When you look back on your whole musical journey, what would you say was the hardest hurdle you had to overcome?

I think the biggest hurdle for me was starting our own record label back in 2016 and believing in the music I make. I’m not much of an optimist, so it was great having my friend and label partner Paul by my side, but self-doubt is just one of those things that constantly accompanies me wherever I go.

What’s the biggest change you’ve witnessed in yourself between your debut and this album?

I think I’ve just grown so much from the person I was 3 years ago. I feel like I have more faith and confidence in my decision-making and see things from different angles now. I try not to be too hard on myself when it comes to the actual album process and have learned to just take things as they come.

Specifically, thinking about the ending track ‘The Other Side’, does the release of this album feel like you’re able to shut the book on the last two years and start anew for your next project?

Yes! 100 per cent! It feels amazing to finally be able to do that!

What would you say you’re most looking forward to now for the rest of the year?

Playing live, seeing crowds again, and really bringing this album to people in a live setting.

What’s been the best piece of musical advice you’ve ever been given?

Listen to your gut. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing. And be authentic to yourself.

What’s been the worst piece of musical advice?

Changing the bass line in No Roots.

What is your FAULT?

Haha, where to start… I’d say I’m way too self-critical. I’m working on that though :)