Affirming elegance for all ages through a summer dress for kids

Is it easy to find an elegant dress for kids? Maybe not. However, the Sleeper kids linen dress line may be of help to you!

Sleeper Dress for Kids: We All Deserve Style and Comfort No Matter the Age

It’s summer already which means it’s time to restock your wardrobe with some new outfits! Even though finding something unique is a hard task these days, it’s not entirely impossible. Some brands keep their designs fresh and interesting. The Ukrainian brand Daily Sleeper, for example, continuously adds new outfits to its production. This makes the brand not only more relevant and up-to-date, but also keeps things exciting for the fans of this clothing label. 

Most recently the brand has introduced its Summer Market collection – the line of clothing dedicated to the current hot season. Over the eight years of its existence, Sleeper has also brought to life the line of elegant and modern bridal outfits that have stirred the fashion scene. They also continue to produce some exquisite party pajamas, that were the first to give the brand its recognition. Having started with just being a brand of chic pajamas, Sleeper now is a versatile label, that also has a lot of options for dresses, shoes, and accessories. It also is not only a women’s brand – there are unisex options and some men’s outfits. Moreover, if you were looking for a dress for kids, it couldn’t be a better time to check out Sleeper! With such a broad range of clothes, it’s hard to imagine not finding anything at all. Therefore, if you were interested in switching up your style a bit or maybe finding something for the little ones in your family – it’s time to give Sleeper a try!

The Sleeper Kids Linen Dress – A Perfect Summer Outfit for Small Ones

As we have mentioned earlier, Sleeper is an outstandingly diverse brand. They were started as a not-so-nightwear label, that made elegant vintage-inspired pajama suits for women. Now, Sleeper has pushed its boundaries beyond that status. As we have said already, besides introducing various designs, the brand has also started making clothes for different groups of people. Thus, there is a line of outfits made for children. This line will allow you to choose the perfect dress for kids. It can become a great present for your children, nieces, or your friends’ kids. The Petite gowns come in all the different colors and patterns:

  • from classic black and white to lemon, pink, and lavender;
  • patterns vary from daisies and garden roses to micro polka dots.

The designs are very similar to the brand’s classic loungewear dress. Especially if you take a look at the Sleeper kids linen dress. The button-up design and regulated elastic bands on the sleeves will allow styling the dress according to one’s liking and create a perfect look. Not to mention that you and your child can pull off the “twin look” if Sleeper’s loungewear dress will come to your liking too. Not to mention that most of the dresses are made out of 100% natural linen which makes them perfect for hot summer days. There are also designs made with high-quality silk satin. These will be perfect for more festive occasions, like birthdays, maybe some evening parties, or even wedding ceremonies. However, all the dresses will undoubtedly fit into the home setting too, as the whole idea of Sleeper’s designs is multifunctionality.

And What’s in The Women’s Section?

And while you are shopping for kids’ summer dresses, don’t forget to look for something for yourself too. Take a look at the beloved Sleeper’s design – the Atlanta dress. The shirred bodice and billowing sleeves of this gown will help create a perfect petite silhouette. Therefore, this dress can undoubtedly be perceived as the definition of effortless elegance and beauty. The Brigitte dress is yet another interesting Sleeper design, which can be called a modification of the classic loungewear dress. A button-up dress comes with a matching belt, so you can choose how to style it yourself. This design is also distinguished by the square neckline which helps to accentuate both collarbones and shoulders. Other interesting gowns include a princess-like Belle design, a Marquise dress with corset-like detail, Picnic dress with funky pockets. And, of course, there are such classics as Michelin and Paloma dresses. 

Most of the mentioned gowns are handmade out of natural linen. And as we have already mentioned, there couldn’t be a better option for the summer than a linen dress. It’s breathable, machine-washable, can be easily dried out by air, and ironed at home. Besides, as it is a natural material, it won’t be such a big deal if it creases during wearing – this will only give it a more effortless look. Low maintenance and highest quality – what could be a better combination for clothing?

Summer Shopping – What to Look For?

It doesn’t matter what type of clothes you are looking for: maybe you are searching for a summer suit or a pair of shorts, or maybe it’s a petit girls clothing that you need. What matters is which qualities these clothes should have. And, first of all, it’s important to search for high-quality options. A dress can be really cute and all, but if it will be worn out by the end of the season – was it worth it? It’s better to look for clothes that will last long. This leads us to yet another aspect of clothing to consider, and it’s their practicality. Why buy separate outfits for the office, for brunches, and for special occasions, when you can buy one or two versatile looks that will look generic in all of these settings? By the way, this is an approach that Sleeper too chose in its production. The brand makes outfits that can be worn at home, as well as during parties, or serious meetings. Besides, they can also be easily combined with almost anything from your everyday wardrobe. Finally, these new clothes should be stylish. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be in trend or extremely fashionable. However, you do need to be able to create a unique look that will show off your taste. At the end of the day, our clothes are a part of self-expression and presentation too.