10 FAULTLess Ljubljana Fashion Week 2022 Designers

While fashion week fatigue can start to take its toll in a mostly centralised industry, it’s always a joy to discover the hidden gems currently making waves in less populous countries. 

While Ljubljana has a populous of less than 300k people, it’s amazing how much they punched above their weight and displayed such world-class talent. We’ve curated a list of ten FAULTLess designers on our radar following a very successful Ljubljana Fashion Week.

1: Made In Anselma

Fully committing to ethical and sustainable clothing needn’t constrict your colour palette to only greenish hues and Made In Anselma designers Ana Malalan and Tanja Padan certainly took full advantage of all colours at their disposal. With expert layering, vibrant tones, vivacious prints and patterns, it’s clear that fun and colourful delight is a cornerstone of this collection and it works on every level. 

2: Kiss the Future

The end of the world never looked so good! While models strutted the runway adorned with fishing nets and survival equipment, commendably it’s the clothing that had us all talking. Heavy woven outerwear complimented and juxtaposed with flowing shirts, kilts and tailored trousers made for a perfect example of function meets high fashion. 

3: M. Fiction

A key standout LJFW 2022 was certainly M.Fiction. Designer duo and sisters Mateja Luka and Mia Aleksandra Luka stole the show with their futuristic designs and revolutionary material choices. 

With oversized jackets, vibrant colour palettes, shimmering dresses and striking silhouettes, the collection featured hit after hit. M Fiction has won numerous awards for their breathtaking designs and this collection meets the high expectations we had for the designer – we can see only great things to come from their latest showing and a have a world of praise this world-class collection. 

4: Student’s Fashion Show

It’s not often that young student designers get to take the stage during a mainline Fashion Week however it was certainly inspiring to see that Ljubljana’s fashion scene will be in good hands for the foreseeable future. 

With collections shown by a range of design students, we saw a wide variety of production techniques, diverse materials and creative leadership from every level of practitioner.  

5: Jan Brovc

Fashion can be fun and Jan Brovc knows it. His vivacious collection arrests the attention of all who gaze upon it and his show proved to be one of the most memorable. Working with a variety of materials, Jan Brovc didn’t shy away from statement trims, oversized prints and patchwork layering. As a medium, fashion is all about expression and the personality captured within this collection is something to behold. 

6: Neo Design

Batwing gowns, colourful printed jackets and multi-textured shirts, Neo Design’s out-of-the-box thinking propelled it to new heights this collection. Designed by Nevena Ivanovi, while the materials used might be utilising recycled materials and dead stock from other brands – the designs are all unique and brand new. What we especially loved about this collection was the accessibility of each piece, despite the high concept of the design, no piece is excessively intimidating. 

7: Ludus

Designer Dragan Hristov has been hard at work with label Ludus and the gender-neutral collection, while minimal, caught our eye. Flowing silks, linen gowns, and classic shirts make for an accessible collection. Key looks for us would certainly be the oversized tailored jackets and belted overcoats which create structured silhouettes. Having a gender-neutral collection can be difficult to get right for some, but Ludus has found the perfect formula to create a label which is accessible to all without hiding behind a lacklustre creative direction. 

8: Draz Studio

Green was the theme for Draz studios latest On Earth collection which encompasses everything natural. Designed by family unit -Tomaž Draž, Urška Draž and Karolina Draž, the collection is inspired by all-natural colours both vibrant and earthly. 

The earthly inspiration doesn’t end with the collection’s colour scheme of fiery reds, earthy greens, and ocean blues – the pattern designs and clothing structure also incorporate cloud-like prints and ocean wave trims. It’s clear a lot of thought went into the overall creative direction of the collection and we’re ready to see Draz expand their knitwear stamp throughout the fashion world. 

9: Ninara

Created by designer Nina Žnidarši, Ninara’s Sirena collections tells the story of the richness and beauty of the mysterious underwater world. Drawing inspiration from the literal, it was fun to see the use of scales, shells, and conches adorn many of the looks. While expressive, the Sirena collection manages to expertly display the fantastical without falling into the traps of costume-like attire. The attention to detail and balanced collection of ready to wear and high fashion looks helps make Ninara’s Sirena a truly FAULTless showing from the young designer. 

10: Petja Zorec 

Hand-painted bomber jackets, sheer for days and statement cutouts, Petja Zorec’s collection stood out for it’s use of mixed materials and bold pattern choices. Founded in 2014, Petja Zorec’s name continues to gain esteem with every new collection. While expressive and attention-grabbing, the full collection remains ready-to-wear at heart and a fine display of creativity from the designer.