Gia Lily in conversation with FAULT Magazine

After the runaway success of Signs, did you feel added pressure to make your new single ‘Good Enough’ even bigger?

Good question! To an extent but not particularly.. my music is going down such a different path, one that I’ve always wanted to go down, so I’m not comparing it to my previous release as it’s such a different vibe. Of course I have expectations, but I’m trying to keep them as realistic as possible!

Is Good Enough inspired by events in your own past?

I’d love to lie and say no.. but yes. I’ve moved on from the situation since I wrote this song but it’s still something that hits home. By releasing it now, I feel I’m letting go of the emotion while allowing others to know they’re not alone if they’ve been in a similar situation. Win win!

What was the hardest aspect of about writing this track?

Bringing up an emotion that hit pretty hard. The release you feel when you write a song that expresses exactly how you’re feeling.. there’s nothing like it. But reliving the emotion was pretty intense as it was something I wanted to move on from.

This release leads into different territory musically through its production and theme. Was it a conscious choice to always be releasing music that shows off your full creative range – or did it come naturally?

So kind of you – thank you! This is the first song that really began to shape me as an artist. I remember being in the studio thinking ‘yes, this is it. THIS is the music I want to be making’. It was a real ‘f*ck yeah’ kinda moment, and it was a natural process for sure! Guitar solos are also something I’ve always wanted to incorporate into my music and luckily for me I have an extremely talented guitarist for a boyfriend so that made my music visions come to life!

What would you say was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t run up escalators that are going down lol. It’s not, but it can be metaphorical if you wanna get existential about it hahah.

What has been the most challenging creative hurdle you’ve had to overcome?

Not wanting to rush releasing music but also knowing that all I want to do is release music. It’s easy to think that there’s a ‘right time to release’, but I’ve found there is no ‘right time’.. just do it now! It’s a twisted concept but just go for it and don’t overthink it! So now after this mindset shift, there is so much music to come in the coming months!

What does your songwriting process look like?

Usually my concepts are sparked by an emotion and songwriting is my release to make sense of said emotions. Next usually comes the tears while sat at my piano writing a ballad haha, which I then take to the studio and tell my producers to rock it tf up and make the sad situation not so sad! It’s sad-turned-sassy bops.

With so many eyes on you, do you still feel you’re given the freedom to experiment with your sound?

100%. And I’ll definitely make sure the percent stays at that! I am so grateful for the audience I’ve grown this past year, but the music I make is from my heart and I trust that those who follow me are following because they feel they can resonate with me, as well as my music.

What is your FAULT?

If you hurt me, there’s a 99% chance I’ll write a song about you :)