Brad Mondo Releases XMONDO’s WaveTech™ Wave System

Photos | Regina Urazaeva

A blooming citrusy infused intimate dinner unfolded last Thursday evening with hair care entrepreneur, social media star, and stylist Brad Mondo who celebrated the launch of XMONDO’s newest product line, WaveTech™ Wave System. XMONDO Hair + Color is a queer-owned hair care/hair color company founded by Mondo, created to evoke confidence and bring innovation to the haircare industry. XMONDO creates salon-quality hair care products and semi-permanent colors with personality.

XMONDO released its 5-step WaveTech Wave System Wednesday, April 13th at 12 PM ET. Each product is infused with XMONDO’s innovative Waveflex Technology to give customers the ultimate curls and waves with zero crunch!

Since the inaugural launch of Glitterati® Styling Serum in March of 2019, XMONDO has launched 41 additional products. Some of the most successful products to date are the Wavetech® Wave Foam, Super Gloss Intensive Glossing Treatment, and Glitterati® Styling Serum.

In celebration of the latest WaveTech launch, XMONDO hosted a dinner in NYC last week which was attended by Jason Rodriguez, Olivia Ponton, Kate Bartlett, and more!

Held at Spring Place, the intimate dinner and launch party featured LGBTQ+ beauty trailblazers, nightlife icons, and leading beauty and haircare influencers. Among the guests were models and beauty influencers Olivia Ponton, Martin Soto, Kate Bartlett well as Pose’s Jason Rodriguez. 

XMONDO’s WaveTech™ Wave System will feature an expansion of XMONDO’s most popular hair care product, WaveTech™ Wave Foam, into a 5-step innovative curl and wave routine. The new product line is designed to foster flawless, hydrated, and defined waves in all hair textures and includes four new products: WaveTech™ Wave Shampoo, Conditioner, Hydrating Wave Cream, and Wave Revival Mist.

Special Thank You | Matthew Cancel of Cancel Communications