6 Tips To Add More Style When Wearing A Custom Shirt

The custom shirt is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, especially for the more fashion-conscious individuals. A custom T-shirt usually demands attention and can stylishly be worn in many different ways depending on your mood. By following the tips mentioned below, you’ll be able to elevate your style when you wear your custom shirt, regardless of the occasion. Keep on reading to learn more.

  1. Tuck It Into Your High-waisted Jeans

This is one of the more laid-back styles you can choose from and is a very versatile look to wear on any occasion.

From custom embroidery shirts to bold-colored shirts, this style looks like it works well with any custom shirt. Whether running errands or going on a relaxing date out, tucking your custom shirt under a pair of high-waisted jeans suits any event.

The jeans can either be skinny, wide-legged, or flared. This styling will make your legs appear slimmer and longer, and you’ll look cool in this style.

  1. Wear It Under A Lace Tank Top Or Crop Top

This is a sexy style choice for nights out with the girls or date nights. You have to wear your custom shirt first and then layer it with your favorite sexy lace top or tank top. This look draws attention to your silhouette and makes your waist appear slimmer, great for those nights out. If you don’t have a lace top or crop top, you can substitute this for your favorite spaghetti strap top, as it’ll get the same effect.

  1. Wear It As Part Of Your Suit

With the work model changing because of the pandemic, work attire has evolved. If you still want to project a professional aura and be comfortable enough to work long hours, this is your look. Instead of wearing a formal shirt with your suit, you can pair it with your comfortable custom shirt.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a style that’s suitable for the work setting, make sure that your custom shirt is still appropriate for the professional environment. It shouldn’t have any vulgar texts or images or messages that could be potentially

  1. Pair It With A Pencil Skirt

This simple, very feminine look can accentuate a woman’s natural figure. This is another look for date nights or late drinks dinner with colleagues. It gives you a sophisticated look but has enough casual vibe to be worn in any situation. You can also complement the colors so your shirt can be a plain white or black T-shirt while your skirts can have a bold color or vice versa.

This look can also allow you to experiment with different accessories that can complement this look, like a statement piece necklace or earrings. You can also go bold with the different color choices for your heels or sneakers.

  1. Wear It Under Your Slip Dress

This popular look from the ’90s has made a permanent fixture in the fashion world. It’s a fun, flirty look that women of any age can pull off.

If you’re too self-conscious to go outside in a slip dress, you can swap it out for a beautiful long or short dress with prints. You can also contrast the dress’s color against the T-shirt to make the shirt stand out. This look is great for concerts and music festivals but flexible enough to wear when running errands.

You can pair this look with different cool bags like side strap handbags or backpacks if you’re on a long trip.

  1. Play Around With Some Fun Colors

Your custom T-shirt doesn’t just have to be a plain white tee or a solid black color. You can experiment with many colors and print patterns.

If your custom T-shirt has an appropriate message, you wouldn’t want to hide it, so you’ll pick colors that complement the message and not eclipse it. There are many fun colors you can choose from, with some being simple and others more experimental, like tie-dye designs. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.


The reality is that when you can style your custom T-shirt in various ways, that can work for any occasion. Make sure you pick T-shirts that you feel comfortable in from the color, cut, and message or images that are displayed on your shirt.

In addition, make sure that the shirt is made of good quality so that it lasts longer and you can continue experimenting with ways to style it. Just remember that a well-fitted custom shirt can elevate any style choice you choose.