Valentines Week: The Top Five Adult Movies to Stream with Your Significant Other

There are many ways you can spice up your relationship. Experts suggest that one of the best options to set the mood for you and your lover is to put on a steamy movie. Throw in some candles and wine, and you’ll have a wonderful evening. 

While conventional adult movies sure can help steam up the room, there is hardly anything better than a well-crafted storyline with relatable characters. But again, you will only enjoy them when you stream or download them in superb quality. While affording a Netflix or Hulu subscription may not be a problem, you may not exactly find what you are looking for on these hubs. 

Looking for cheap adult cam sites to stream steamy content is easy. And in this blog post, you will discover some steamy movies that create the perfect mood for two lovers. Enjoy! 

Five Steamy Movies to Stream with a Lover

With the following movies, you can get the perfect blend of laughter of steam: 

Sex Education 

Although sex education is set in a time, age, and spatial setting that deals with the younger generation, you and your partner will certainly have a couple of laughs and lessons to learn from this show for young adults. 

You will certainly be entranced by the relationship between Otis Milburn and Ruby, the high school nerd and protagonist and the most popular girl in school, respectively. This is an opportunity to amass information about safe and intense pleasure. Otis is the son of an infamous sex therapist who works at her son’s school for a while.

This results in a relatable and funny chaos, which also incites the students of Moordale into making their sexuality known to the world. Essentially, we learn that this part of ourselves is natural, and keeping it subdued can only result in chaos.

Indeed, British TV has brought an epic content that satisfies both adult and young viewers. 

The Duke of Burgundy 

Peter Strickland directed this British movie in 2014, and it features two female characters who feel a magnetic attraction to each other. Cynthia and Evelyn are the main actors in the show; the latter is the dominant homeowner who demands high standards of cleanliness. She is also a lecturer who teaches a course that is of interest to Evelyn. 

Cynthia is also a wealthy woman in need of a maid, which is where the attraction begins to take full form. A romantic relationship of some sort starts, with Evelyn being a sucker for all forms of punishment. 

There was a scene where we saw Cynthia place her feet over Evelyn’s face while eating a cake the latter baked for her birthday. We also see all forms of unconventional BDSM practices in this steamy movie.

These two characters turn you on throughout the show with their conventional and unconventional methods of pleasuring each other. You will certainly get many ideas for the bedroom if you fancy BDSM, as Evelyn is ever-so-eager to push the bounds of unconventional sex and punishment with her lecturer and employer, Cynthia. 

The sex scenes in this horny movie are not explicitly explored, but it is undeniable that this is a huge win for British cinematic adult content. 

Fifty Shades of Grey 

If you have not seen this classic BDSM movie, then you are missing out! Prepare to get turned on by the exotic dominance-submissive dance between Christian and Anna. Whips, lashes, sex toys, paddles, cuffs, and the Red Room will all suddenly appeal to you if they did not already. 

You will see our fierce dominant protagonist engage in an intense workout that ends well for Anna, too. Then, you will see how intense it is to play pool with bodies instead of balls on the table. We are left with gaping mouths when Christian decides to tease Anna to an almost wicked point. This is one of the more intense climaxes (pun intended) of the movie. 

One of our major fears when watching a steamy movie, and one that is BDSM-themed nonetheless, is a cliché storyline. However, everyone who has seen it will honestly tell you that this movie, the introductory part of a trilogy, stands out from the bunch. Again, kudos to British tv! It has once again left us with dry mouths and raging libidos. 

365 Days

Watch the captive become the captivator in less than 365 days. 

Massimo, an Italian mafia boss, spots Laura one night during her vacation in Italy. He decides he wants her, goes after her and takes her. Well, not in the real sense of it. This time, he decides to give her a year to fall in love with them and then wholly take her. 

Laura feels she has enough time to both escape and fend him off, so she teases Massimo both indoors and outdoors. Although this movie may seem a bit cliché, it presents us with two extremely attractive people, one owning the island the other is trapped on, and just enough room for hours of intense foreplay. 

Cruel Intentions 

Let us take you back in time. Roger Krumble did an amazing thing with Cruel Intentions, a movie about dysfunctional step-siblings. They have a sort of sexual relationship that is just as excused as Jamie and Cersei’s explicit kind. Kathryn and Sebastian play all sorts of games to exert dominance over each other, and the unsuspecting Annette plays right into their midst. 

She is the headmaster’s chaste daughter, and Kathryn and Sebastian have a bet that the latter would be unable to seduce and deflower her. The stakes are pretty high, and we are taken through different scenes that both tease and titillate us, never quite scratching that sexual itch in us. 

Of course, as the movie progresses, we are taken to fancy boudoirs with intense sexual activities that show us Sebastian is indeed a playboy. 

Bottom line 

Thankfully, adult entertainment is pretty broad. Depending on your tolerance level, you can get sexual satisfaction from adult cams, erotic novels, explicit movies, and even games! There are now many ways to spice up the bedroom.