Teddy Failure In Conversation With FAULT Magazine

Despite their relatively short time as a band, Teddy Failure have fast become the artists on everybody’s radar. Already garnering over 20 million streams – a number which shows no signs of slowing down, the band is currently riding high on the release of their track ‘1000 Tears’. With so much to look forward to and even more new music on the way, we caught up with the duo to discuss their musical journey, their plans for the future and of course, their FAULTs. 

How has growing up in Stockholm and the music scene there helped influenced your creative journey? 

I think Melody wise it has influenced us very much and almost made us a little picky. We grew up hearing a lot of Teddy Bears, Robyn and The Cardigans on the radio and they have some crazy good songs! Also, I think the weather in Stockholm is a big factor for us making music. If there would be beach weather all year round I think you would find us surfing on a wave instead 

Your music videos are always so cinematic and emotional, do you have a close connection to that side of the creative process and what does that creative process usually look like?

Yeah! We love film and music videos, we feel that they are so connected and important for music! We usually write music looking at a film or compilation to get good vibes :P 

Lately, it’s been a lot of Euphoria compilations – but it’s a bit scary sometimes 

You worked on your EP away from the city in the countryside, would you say the sound on the project reflects the time and setting of which you made it? 

Definitely! Once a year we go out to Frans parents house in the archipelago! We always bring some friends and most of the time there goes to planning what to eat and having a good time.  

As the hype around the EP is so strong, do you feel added pressure to live up to the high standards people are expecting from you in all your future projects? 

Haha, when you say it like that we feel a little pressure, but no right now it just gets funnier and funnier to make music cause people seem to like the songs!

Looking forward, what would you say was the biggest creative hurdle you will need to overcome in order to take your work to the next level? 

Hmm, I think the hardest thing with making this EP was recorded live instruments! We recorded a lot of brass and live percussion on this Ep and on the next project we wanna take that to the next level!!

Your music pulls on a lot of emotion and sincere human feelings, do you ever feel emotionally drained after pouring so much into your music? 

Thanks, that makes us happy to hear! Haha no we haven’t felt too drained yet, but we’re just starting on our new Ep and that will be next-level emotional so maybe after that one is done! 

What would you say was the hardest part when it came to writing ‘1000 Tears’? 

We wrote it at breakfast, so we got interrupted all the time cause everyone had to go and make more sandwiches all the time… So that definitely slowed the process down 

What’s been the most difficult aspect of your musical journey so far? 

Hmm I think the hardest part was to just start the project, we’ve been talking about doing it for so long


What are you most looking forward to this year? 

We’re going to Los Angeles for the first time in a couple of weeks to write our new Ep, that’s really exciting! 

What is your FAULT?

The jazz pandemic of 2022