Avril Lavigne FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview

Photographer /creative Director: Raen Badua  
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Interview/ Editor: Miles Holder

June of this year will mark the 20th anniversary of Avril Lavigne’s debut album ‘Let Go’. For many, the album is one of the most accurate time capsules of the early Millenium rock/grunge scene and its impact on those that experienced it the first time round is immeasurable. However, like all good music, the album transcended generations as was evident when Avril Lavigne joined TikTok last year and her first video amassing over 34 million views. 

On February 25th, Avril Lavigne is set to release her brand new album entitled ‘Love Sux’ a body of work wholly unique from the rest but still 100% Avril. Writing now as a developed artist with 20 years of life experience under her belt, this album channels all the fun and excitement of Avril’s iconic rock sounds, paired with stories of the ups and downs of her experience in love. 

We caught up with Avril to discuss her musical journey, impact and of course, her FAULTs.  


You pour so much emotion into each track on the album, what would you say brought you the most say emotional validation – the high octane rock numbers or the emotional ballads? 

More so the high octane tracks like ‘Love Sux’ – that was one of the first songs that I wrote for the album and it sums up the headspace I was in at the time. Each track speaks to a very different side of me and with ‘Love Sux’, it’s all about love gone wrong but delivered in a sassy, fun and light-hearted way. I made it for myself but I also wanted it to be empowering to the listeners when they’re experiencing it.

Golden Goose – jacket
D’Offay – top
Michelle Mason – skirt
Vivienne Westwood – shoes
Missoma – necklace

You’ve witnessed the music landscape in so many different forms. Has it ever been difficult to evolve to where you are today without losing the essence that makes your music so “Avril Lagviinge

I’ve always just done what comes naturally to me, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of my debut record and I look at all my albums like a journey into my story over the last 20 years. I’ve been writing music from when I was a teen, to a young adult and this one is my story today as a woman. I like to rock out, I love country and jazz music and you hear those different elements throughout all of my albums. I love to sing a really emotional ballad now and then but this album is more of a rock alternative album and the first time I’ve made a record that’s rock all the way through. 

Christian Cowan – top
Norma Kamali – jacket
LOL – pants
Sylth Virago – loafers

You can hear that you’re having a lot of fun on this album, despite the subject matter sometimes exploring the downsides of your experience in love. Is this indicative of how you feel today about those times in your life?

Yes, love is hard and relationships are not easy. It’s not easy for anybody and I’ve now lived long enough to realize that I need to prioritize myself and take care of myself. I went through a phase where I was like “I’m gonna be independent and have time on my own for a minute”…And it really didn’t last that long! But when I started the album, I was definetely in the mindset of “if I’m going to rely on anyone in this world, it’s going to be me.

Have you ever taken the time to stop and reflect on how impactful your music has been on the lives of people throughout the two decades you’ve been releasing music?

I’m aware of the impact of my music and the power of music in general to impact someone’s life. For some people, my songs can be a capsule and hold memories for them and I think it’s really amazing how a song can be that powerful. I have had my own experience with music by other artists hitting me hard at certain times and taking me right back to those memories. 

Do you feel you’ve fully taken the time to reflect on your musical journey or has it happened in a blur?

I came from a really small town and so when everything blew up I was very aware of what was going on. I was feeling grateful and couldn’t believe that it was all happening, but all those memories are so special and magical. I’m so thankful to still be here today, 20 years later doing this and having fun – it’s really extrodinary and I feel really lucky.

What is something new you’ve learned about yourself this last year?

I’ve learned a lot during the pandemic about how creativity is important to me. I took an inventory of what was important in my life and the importance of cutting unnecessary things out of my life and the significance of having good people around me.

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When you’re an artist with, as, as much sort of longevity as you ever feel pressure to meet up to the high expectations people have of you? 

No. I would say it’s the complete opposite because I’ve had been doing this so long and reached a lot of goals in my career. I feel I’ve earned the right to have fun and enjoy what I built over all of these years. Being out on the road for a year at a time, travelling, doing promo, and all the other work that I put in over the years, it’s now time to just make fun music and have a blast. This record is one I’ve always wanted to make and I get to collaborate with incredible artists like Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear who brought so much fun energy to the album. So now there’s no pressure, life’s short so it’s time for me to have fun.

Is it ever strange to hear your music blowing up on TikTok or seeing that music you wrote over 20 years ago still resonates with a whole new generation of listeners?

It’s crazy to see my music still resonating with people from a new generation it’s inspiring and it keeps me motivated. I still feel the need to do everything as great as I can and take everything I do seriously. It’s just such a unique experience that I get to go through and it’s great when new artists come up to me and say they love my older work.

Marcobologna – jacket
Saaksha & Kinni – shirt
On Aura Tout Vu – skirt
David Yurman – rings
Kat Maconie – shoes

what would you say was the hardest hurdle you’ve had to overcome with your musical process? 

The hardest was finding a good producer! When I met John Feldman, I was like, “where have you been in the last 10 years!?” Finding him and working with people like Travis Barker, who has evolved so much musically to writing and producing. I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time. They are musicians that really understood me and my style and where I come from as opposed to some random pop producer trying to do something edgy, which has honestly been like a challenge that I’ve come up against in my career.

What is your FAULT? 

 I change my mind a lot. I think that has something to do with being a Libra. Everyone that works with me makes fun of me because of it but on the other hand, it keeps every one on their toes…I’m very exciting.