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Growing a neat and grandiose beard is a long-term work of consistency, patience, attention, and investment. Do you agree?

In fact, almost every bearded gent has had their fair share of one or two beard issues: From patchy growth to dandruff, smelly to tangling hair, and everything in-between.

And guess what?

You can avoid most of these beard problems with the 2-stage beard maintenance shared below.

Let’s uncover them one after the other:

Stage 1: Washing The Beard Properly

As we go about our daily activities, our beard collects dirt, dust, and food particles. Similarly, dead cells and complex oils are produced by the sebaceous glands under the beard overnight.

To that end:

We must wash our beards before going to bed at night and also when we wake up in the morning. Also, when applying beard oil (to be discussed later), we should avoid using too much.

Now, the question is with what and how should you wash the beard?

First thing, decide to never wash your beard with any other product but beard shampoo. Yes, not even bath soap or regular hair shampoo.


Well, the facial skin is sensitive to the strong washing agents of a regular shampoo or bath soap. Meanwhile, beard-branded shampoos are formulated especially for beard treatments.

So, on to the washing process:

Step one: wet the beard with lukewarm water and massage it with 3-4 drops of beard shampoo. For the longer bulky beard, scrub it with a beard brush to loosen tough sticky dirt and grime.


Rinse the beard with cool or lukewarm water and pat dry it with a clean dry towel before applying your beard product.

Stage 2: Applying Beard Oil Like A Pro

Let’s be candid:

Keeping our beard moisturized, lubricated, and well-conditioned is crucial to avoid dry, itchy, or untamed growth. And those are the works of facial hair oil. 


Most of us are getting a lot of things wrong about beard lubrication

To groom facial hair with oil:

One must choose the right oil, understand when to apply it, the right amount to apply, and how to apply it properly.

How do you go about these after choosing the right facial hair oil?

First thing: Understand that the best time to apply facial hair oil is right after a shower. The warm water opens your skin pores and allows the lubricant to access hair follicles properly.


Oil should be applied in a few drops enough to moisturize the mane without getting greasy

Finally, to apply your beard oil right:

Wash the facial hair with a beard shampoo (as previously discussed), rinse with warm water, and towel-dry it


Rub a few drops of beard oil between your palms and work it from the tip of the beard to the skin underneath. Finally, brush the lubricated facial hair with a beard comb/brush. 

And that’s it.

In Conclusion

Grooming a healthy, clean beard requires time and a budget of its own. Unfortunately, not all of us have enough time and money to invest.

To that end:

I have created this 2-stage beard maintenance to make growing the best beard possible for all of us. 

With this guide: 

You don’t need to spend money on a ton of products or a lot of time to groom a classic beard

Meanwhile:If you barely started growing stubble, understand the things that speed up hair growth. Also, if you have questions concerning the 2-stage guide shared so far, use the comment section below.