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“New year new me”, the words often uttered this time of year and seldom kept. However, with 2021 leaving us with much to long for and many folks deserving of a pampering session, we’ve decided to test out the top luxury beauty products sure to put a smile back on your face this winter.

Home teeth whitening kits are flooding the market right now which only makes finding the right kit for you, all that much harder. Enter Ruh Dental; the luxury teeth-whitening experience, formulated with care and with you in mind. With two locations in London and one in Manchester, Ruh Dental has swiftly become the favourite spot for influencers and celebrities looking for top-quality teeth whitening with a name they can trust.

For our review, we headed down to Ruh Dental’s Notting Hill Gate clinic for our consultation and fitting. While some services opt for at-home, ‘do it yourself’ style fittings, being able to visit the clinic and have a professional consultation will help ease you into the process and allow you to ask any questions you might have to a registered and trained professional.

The clinics themselves are all designed and furnished commendably with fashionable waiting areas and high levels of customer attentiveness to ease you into the process. Throughout our time at the clinic, it was clear that all measures had been put in place to make sure we were fully informed and comfortable with the teeth whitening process and the staff at Ruh Dental made us feel listened to and were on hand with any information we needed.

All in all, I was in and out of the clinic within half an hour with my mind at ease about the procedure and left excited for my home kit to be sent directly to me in the mail.

On arrival, the mould is very user friendly and fitted like a glove and I was ready for application. The products which can be purchased directly from their website are very user friendly.

Ruh dental

Having tried a range of whitening strips in the past, the post-whitening hypersensitivity of the teeth which usually occurs during the process can be cause for concern for new users however diving into the ingredient list of the Ruh Dentals whitening toothpaste it’s clear that Ruh dental is continually putting it’s users comfort at the forefront. Their low abrasion formula includes vitamin E and their Tooth Serum which also helps remineralise teeth and reduce sensitivity, while it’s still very usual side effect of the whitening process, it’s great to see the brand has found a formula to at the very least minimise any discomfort.

All things considered, we would highly recommend Ruh Dental as the place to go if you’re looking for top-quality teeth whitening. While the options can at times seem endless and providers numerous, it’s Ruh Dental’s commitment to their customers which sets them miles ahead of the competition. When it comes to something as important as your dentistry, it’s important to take the right steps in finding the perfect provider for yourself and we can highly recommend Ruh Dental to assist you in every step of your self-improvement journey. For us, Ruh Dental was a FAULTless experience.

For more information on Ruh Dental and their products head over to Ruhdental.com