Make Your Next Event Pop by Inviting a Celeb Singer

Photo: Rodnae Productions

Want to create buzz at your next event? Inviting a celebrity singer or musician to your gathering will do the trick. Yes, that’s right. You can hire a celebrity to come and perform at your party for a price. Celeb singers and musicians accept offers for a range of events from a birthday party to wedding and bar mitzvah arrangements.

But this can be a lengthy and complicated process if you don’t have connections with the high and mighty. It is not easy to reach a celebrity hounded by other bigger offers and protected by a group of guards. So, how do you go about the process of inviting a celeb singer to your next event? We have got all the inside details you need to know.

How to Book a Celebrity Singer for Your Next Event

Take note of these points to try and invite a celeb singer to your special occasion.

Contact a Booking Agent or Manager

Among several ways, the easiest and most direct way to hire a popular musician to come to your event is by a booking agent. These are middle managers with information about celebrity assistants, managers, and direct agents, like Booking Agent Info.

This is an indirect method where the booking agent negotiates on your behalf. Reaching a high-profile celebrity is a difficult process. You will have to go through their secretaries, managers, responsible agents (RA), and more. Only after that can you talk to the celebrity.

To cut down this extra effort, you can buy the services of a booking agent. They have the necessary contact information and know who is the correct person to contact. They also know what works in convincing a popular client to say yes. Booking agents can even sort out deals for you, like pricing for the celebrity hire. Plus, most RAs themselves give out information to booking agencies to reach a wider range of the public.

Use your connections and network

If you have your connections and networks, that could work too. Maybe someone in your office knows a pop singer or a celeb musician. They may also be a client of your company. Find some mutual connections if you don’t have direct contact information. You can look online for ways to reach a particular celebrity guest. This method only works if you can find or have a mutual link. You need to have a well-spread network.

If you don’t have any direct connection to the RA or assistant, try finding some link with the celebrity’s lawyer or find out which creative agency covers their gig arrangements. Different creative agencies govern certain singers, musicians, actors, and they take care of their gigs and deals. But these deals are mostly big concerts or shows. Still, you can give it a shot if you find a contact number or a focal connection at the agency.

What to Keep in Mind When Booking a Celebrity Singer

Celebrities are high-profile people, and you can’t invite them to any event. You must be aware of the protocol and properly deal with them. Here are a few points to be mindful of before and after booking a celebrity artist.


Set a budget limit before you even think about any celebrity. If you do this the other way round, you run the risk of the whole planning going to waste. Celebrities charge different amounts. Big names like Shakira and Jay-Z will go for no less than $1 million. Others will charge separately for performing, giving autographs, and even talking to people. If the artist is currently popular or in the news, expect to pay higher fees. So, make sure to know how much you can afford before signing on a deal with any agent or artist.

Be Clear with Your Expectations

Communicate clearly with the artist and the team about what to expect during the event. Are people going to take pictures and videos? Are there any other specifications before the event? This will prevent possible on-site conflicts and confrontations.

Date and Venue

When performing, each singer has a different range and space requirements. They will need a proper location to set up their instruments, sound effects, lighting, and the entire team. So, you will need to figure out the date and venue of the event beforehand. It must accommodate the celeb’s schedule. So, confirm it with their agent and book a place that is suitable to host your event with the celebrity singer.


Having a pop star over can definitely add glitz and glamor to your event. Make sure to be respectful and appreciative of the guests’ presence. You can arrange a flower bouquet for the singer. It can be difficult to deal with celebs sometimes. But if you proceed calmly, you can have a really fun event.