FAULT Magazine Interview With Christian Cowan as he Launches new “Essentials” Line

Interview | Jacquex Frankel

Photography: Vincenzo Dimino 

Hey Christian, how are you doing, how are you feeling today?

CC: I feel really good, feeling spoiled, I’ve been on the beach most of the day in Barbados. I’m feeling hopeful and excited for the new year. We’ve had such a crazy past two years, that now we’re getting to a point where we are stronger than ever.

What do you find yourself thinking about on a loop in these last days of 2021?

CC: I’m always thinking about the future, not as a Buddhist, just in what our intentions are. I’m caught in thinking about what we want to achieve as in the message we want to put out. Always thinking a lot.

What can we expect from you in 2022? 

CC: Expect a lot! We are going to do so much, it’s going to be our busiest year yet. It’s really exciting because from doing party dresses & party clothing, The Essentials will be a new line offering an ounce for what we can give clients for the day. Something casual, more relaxed for the day running errands. We generally do womenswear, and now there will be products for all to enjoy and style in their own way. I’m super excited, I will also have clothing for me to wear as well!!

What brought on this direction of offering for consumer apparel?

CC: Even though everything we do is for whoever/however you identify as, it is nice to have something to wear outside the party. It really launches our new logo/symbol which champions ready to wear strongly. To my delight, people want to wear the logo! I’m very inspired by the logos of others, I’m excited to venture.

What is your favorite piece from the collection? And what’s the must have?

CC: My favorite piece is the black men’s thong with our logo in gold on the back! I think it’s so extra and fabulous. The must have is a gold logo charm necklace, I think everyone should have one and wear it.

What are your top highlights from 2021? What defining moments changed you?

CC: The best one for me was our first ever MET Gala, it was such a big night. Dressing people in the comeback was lovely, I felt fortunate as the theme was fashion in America which for me is coming to another country and making your dreams happen. Like what I did. Another favorite moment was being reunited with the team, we are friends and I love being united again. In fashion it’s really hard to work apart, we make real products and being together makes us feel fortunate.

What’s a key message you’re trying to convey with your actions?

CC: For us, it’s always been part of our identity since day one to be inclusive. Not just as nationality or gender but in how someone identifies. To celebrate everyone with our actions; in being hyper inclusive, including everyone organically. Our spirit is club kid culture, excessive fabulousness! People wear Christian Cowan to be complemented, to be seen. 

Tell us something about you most people wouldn’t know.

CC: I’m a total nature nerd, I love insects, I have bug tattoos! I want to be an Entomologist, that’s a passion; insects and reptiles!

What discipline do you practice? 

CC: I practice many, at the beginning I was just a creative kid at school who loves making wild garments. Then as you grow a business, you have to learn different disciplines that weren’t inherently part of your personality such as business. But the one I work on a lot is selfcare. You can get so lost in your work, by being hyper focused, that you forget to look over yourself. And when you’re healthy, that’s when you do your best work as well!

What message would you tell your future self?
CC: I think fashion is such a wonderful industry but it can change people sometimes. And I would like to remain my kind of corky nature loving self. Not getting lost in so many of the things people can get lost in. Stay true to yourself. 

Instincts, do you most times follow your heart and not the rational brain?
CC: I’m a logic driven person, I think it is important to master the skill of when to listen to which one. Being logical is beneficial when running a brand.

What’s one dish you look forward to at a restaurant, do you add or change it to your tasting?

CC: Oh, I’m a very basic bitch when it comes to food, I just want a big bowl of pasta. Give me anything and I’m super happy. Carbs are the way forward.

Which artist has been on your 2021 life soundtrack?

CC: I’ve been listening to a lot of FKA Twigs, and Grimes! They are such hyper talented women, who are pro-creative. 

What are you hoping for in 2022?

I think we took for granted the appreciation of doing what we love. I’m hoping for us to do what we love in the wonderful life we have. For the team to be happy and healthy, for us all to put out our best creative work.

What’s your FAULT? 

I have a massive sweet tooth! I eat chocolate all day everyday, but I’m not fancy, milk chocolate will do. I get coffee with chocolate. No shame though, I see it as a strength.

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