Celebs Living It Up In Their Tiny Homes

Photo: Lucas Pezetza

A “tiny home” of less than 400 square feet uses 7% less energy than the average house and has an ecological footprint that is 45% smaller. A traditional house emits 28,000 pounds of greenhouse gasses a year, whereas a tiny house only produces 2,000. When it comes to celebrities buying their homes, not everyone decides to spend their fortune on big extravagant mansions. There are many celebrities that live in tiny homes and modest accommodation that don’t have a giant carbon footprint. From simple trailers on wheels to bungalows, it shows you don’t need to live in a castle to have a great home. 

Matthew McConaughey’s Airstream

The Dallas Buyers Clubactor, Matthew McConaughey has a tiny home that he can take anywhere. His Airstream trailer, an Airstream International CCD 28, has been fully customized to luxurious standards. Within McConaughey’s 28 foot home is a snug bedroom known as “The Honeycomb,” a streamlined kitchen, a comfortable living room complete with a banquette and a toilet and shower. In an interview with Architectural Digest magazine McConaughey said, “It’s got a great window right above your pillow, so when you wake up in the morning, you’re looking right at the ocean or wherever your backyard is that day.” This attitude proves that living comfortably in a tiny home can be a great experience. One day you can have the ocean as your backyard and the next you could be in the forest. You certainly don’t need a million dollar mansion to be happy. 

Vincent Kartheiser’s Bungalow 

Not all acting stars live in extravagant, giant homes, Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser micro-bungalow is only 580 square feet. The bungalow isn’t short on style though, and has been finished to high specifications in the Japanese style, complete with shoji screens and beautiful black wood flooring. There are lots of interesting space-saving features in the bungalow including a bed that flips into a desk and coffee tables with a hidden fire pit underneath, perfect for entertaining. Despite the bungalow’s size, Vincent Kartheiser home is lacking nothing, but it is still oozing with style and great taste. 

Deion Sanders’ Tiny House 

The NFL superstar Deion Sanders actually got help from the reality show Tiny House Nation to build his home, which measures in at 600 square feet. Constructed in Cedar Hill, Texas, the little house by the lake is the ultimate pad for relaxing, fishing, and getting away from the demands of daily life. The house has a stylish covered porch area for shooting the breeze and cooking some barbecue whilst overlooking the water. Even though the space is relatively small, Deion Sanders’ tiny house is furnished luxuriously with a rooftop deck, a snack bar and even a foot massager. 

Luxury living doesn’t have to mean residing in a giant mansion. A tiny house can be the perfect space to get away from it all in style.