How BlufVPN Heightens Your Online Adventures

Geo-blocking is one of the problems we have to contend with in the 21st century. It’s safe to say that we’ve all been victims of this situation at one point or the other. For instance, if you’ve tried accessing a website that’s not in your region, you may have been redirected or denied access. 

The same applies to streaming movies and TV shows that aren’t available in your geographical location. You’ve likely heard of US Netflix, and it truly is King. However, if you’re not in the US, you’ll be unable to access US Netflix, and you’re surely missing out. 

There are more than 4,000 movies just barely out of your fingertips, and you can change that position by getting a VPN. However, you need one that offers you enough servers that can grant you access to the best content available. In terms of entertainment, BlufVPN is your best shot. 

Please, read on to find out five ways BlufVPN heightens your online adventures in the world of entertainment.

Five Ways BlufVPN Heightens Your Online Adventures

Surfing the internet unmitigated can’t be overestimated. You see, most people experience ISP throttling, which slows down your internet connection. Another problem to battle with on the internet is a privacy breach, which is becoming easier. 

So, BlufVPN not only protects your online privacy; it also offers you the following features to heighten your online experience:

Kill Switch

You need a VPN with a viable kill switch. While connecting to any of BlufVPN’s 500+ servers, you may get kicked off the server because of a technical problem, and this automatically exposes you to anyone interested in taking a quick peek at your IP address, physical location, and internet history. 

Aside from getting kicked out of the protection your server offers, you may also forget to connect to one before surfing the internet. But, again, the shortest period is enough for your personal information to get compromised in terms of online privacy, so you don’t want to take any chances. 

With the BlufVPN kill switch, the moment you get kicked off your chosen server or when you connect to the internet without turning on your VPN, this unique feature prevents you from browsing by cutting off your internet connection.

The best part is that the kill switch is permanently functional – you’ll automatically get disconnected when you try surfing the internet without your online protection.

So, you can stream the content you love with complete peace of mind; no one’s tracking your activities during the short window of opportunity that arises if you get kicked off your chosen server.

Zero-log Policy

Again, the zero-log policy is essential for utmost privacy. Therefore, when you’re choosing a VPN, especially with your major preoccupation being for entertainment, you must choose one with a no-log policy. Beyond that, the VPN provider of your choice must be renowned for honoring their privacy policy. 

You see, some VPN providers are located in countries that have strict privacy laws, and even though your provider wants to protect your privacy, it may be mandated by the government or competent courts to provide information on you. 

Another problem is that some VPN providers have been known to sell client information to the government, advertising agencies, and media hubs, to name a few. That’s why your VPN provider mustn’t keep more than the necessary information about you.

Most times, this information shouldn’t go beyond your email address, device type, and password. So that way, even if any powerful entity mandates your VPN provider to provide information about you, there’ll be nothing to refer to. 

Now, BlufVPN has its headquarters in Estonia, one of the more accommodative clients privacy laws worldwide. In addition to that, this provider operates an absolute no-log policy, and you can visit the BlufVPN site to read more about its privacy policy.

You can now visit all the sites and streaming hubs you want without dealing with the feeling of being monitored. 


The encryption level BlufVPN offers is a high-end one – it’s modeled after the military prototype, which means your privacy is unbreachable. No authorized entity can gain access to your online activities, the messages you exchange, sites you visit, and most importantly, your IP address. 

AES-256-GCM is the strongest encryption in the market, and that’s what BlufVPN offers you. So now, you can visit all those streaming sites and hubs worldwide without worrying about being monitored by unknown persons. 

In addition, you’ll never have to worry about data breaches again.

Numerous Servers

Another feature that guarantees your maximum enjoyment on the internet is your access to more than 500 servers, with 13 server locations in the US. So, if you aren’t based in the US but would like to stream US Netflix, you have the perfect medium to facilitate your desire. 

The UK boasts of some of the best TV content worldwide, but it also restricts access to said content to UK residents. As such, you’ll likely find it challenging to enjoy some of these shows. However, you can seamlessly change your location to one of the servers in the UK and watch the content there unhindered. 

There are also servers in other parts of the world, which brings the world to your fingertips. With BlufVPN, you automatically get rid of your restrictions and tap into ways to explore the globe. 

If you also enjoy torrenting, BlufVPN is the most suitable VPN provider for it. It cloaks your IP address, so when your device generates high traffic while you’re downloading and uploading files, your ISP won’t be able to detect your IP address, thereby protecting you from ISP throttling.

Compatible Devices

Streaming just got much better! You can connect as many as five devices to your BlufVPN account. That way, you can stream from any location without exposing yourself to internet dangers. 

These compatible devices are iPhones, MacBooks, Windows devices, Androids, and a Smart TV.


There’s nothing like surfing the internet with complete peace of mind – you know no one can access your internet activities, IP address, and location unauthorized. In addition to uttermost privacy, you can also stream content unrestricted. It’s as easy as creating your BlufVPN account today!