Top five best poker films on Netflix

Poker, a family of numerous card games played by people for recreational purposes, has become one of the most glamourized games in the entertainment industry. From top poker players who have made enough to feed generations to players who have lost their houses and ability to afford necessities, the poker world is one with the most intriguing stories. 

The number of movies made around a game of poker is unimaginable. The drama revolving around poker players is in plentitude, thus, catching the interest of filmmakers. If you like the game or want to enjoy a good movie on gambling-then simply open Netflix and watch these recommendations. 

It also has the best poker films of all time. From movies that take you through the journey of a poker player to movies that depict how poker ruins one’s life, Netflix has it all.

Poker is a game that can make or break your fortune and the entire gambling experience. If the list of movies mentioned below piques your interest, then you can try your hand at the game as well- wondering how. One way is by visiting online casinos for starters; it will be like a net practice before you go and sit for a real-life game.

Here’s a list of the top five best poker films on Netflix. 

1. James Bond Casino Royale 

A game of poker and the super spy of all time, this James Bond movie takes the cake as one of the most exhilarating poker films.

An adaption from Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel named Casino Royale, this movie doesn’t disappoint. Bond is still an agent at the beginning of his career, proving his efficiency. 

In this movie, James Bond’s prime mission is to bankrupt terrorist financier Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker game in Casino Royale. He falls in love with Vesper Lynd, who is a treasury employee. She provides 007 with the money needed for the poker game. 

From poisoning Bond’s martini with digitalis by Valenka, Le Chiffre’s lover, to betrayal from Vesper, this movie is quite a ride. It’s a perfect combination of poker, drama, and betrayal, making it the best poker film on Netflix.

2. Win It All 

A 2017 American comedy-poker movie that revolves around Eddie Garrette, a gambling addict. This movie takes us through Eddie’s journey, giving us an insight into how gambling addiction can ruin lives.

 Eddie Garrette works as a parking attendant outside Wrigley field. Gene is Eddie’s addiction recovery sponsor. One fine morning, Eddie finds Michael in his kitchen with a bag. Michael is going to prison for six months, and he wants Eddie to take care of the duffle bag and refrain from opening it.

Eddie, giving in to his curiosity, ends up opening the bag and finds a large amount of money. Gene advises Eddie not to touch any of the money. Eddie eventually takes out cash from the bag and gambles. At first, he makes a profit, and eventually, he owes 21 thousand dollars to the bag.

Win It All is an interesting story on gambling addiction and poor decisions. It is of the best poker-comedy movies on Netflix.

3. Mississippi Grind 

Mississippi Grind is a 2015 American drama-poker movie. A movie that also speaks about how gambling addiction leads to making poor decisions. 

Gerry is a struggling gambler and a real estate agent. He befriends Curtis, a younger gambler at one of the casinos, and from here starts the friendship between Gerry and Curtis. After not seeing any success in his real estate, Gerry turns to gamble with Curtis as his partner. 

Initially making huge profits, Gerry starts losing all his money and has to sell his car. Gerry also starts stealing money, and this leads to newer problems. With nothing left to lose, Gerry and Curtis bet all their money and end up making a huge profit of half a million dollars.

Gerry buys his car back and gets his life back on track. Mississippi Grind emphasizes how you can recover from gambling addiction and have the life of your dreams. A Netflix film that also talks about the relationship between a father and his estranged daughter makes it even better.

4. Lay The Favorite 

A 2012 American comedy-drama movie based on a true story, Lay The Favourite is one of the best poker films on Netflix. Based on Beth Raymer’s 2010 memoir with the same name, this movie does not disappoint. 

Beth, bored of her life in Florida, moves to her dream destination, Las Vegas. She starts working as a cocktail waitress in Vegas. Holly, who works in the same motel as Beth, meets Dink, a professional gambler. Beth finds out that she has a good mind for numbers and starts working for Dink. 

Eventually, Beth quits working for Dink and meets Jeremy, a news journalist in a no account casino. Beth moves to New York with Jeremy. The story revolves around Beth, Jeremy, and Dink paying off their gambling debts. 

Lay The Favourite goes to show us how a movie based on a true story gives us more insights into the real world of poker.

5. Casino 

This 1995 movie could just not miss the list. Casino, a crime movie based on the 1995 non-fiction book, Casino: Love and Horror in Las Vegas, is one of the best poker films on Netflix. 

Chicago Mafia sends Sam “Ace” Rothstein to Las Vegas to look after the Tangiers Casino. Sam doubles the casino’s profits and makes the casino popular than ever. 

Sam’s life goes on as he meets Ginger, his wife. They have a daughter, Amy. But things get worse when Ginger turns to drug addiction and alcoholism. Sam seeks divorce, and things get out of control. The casino is closed down after illegal transactions. 

This crime-drama movie is sure to keep you hooked for a long time. With amazing cinematography for a 1995 movie, it still stands as one of the best poker films. 

Poker films are a great way to change up your usual movie-watching list and switch it up. Netflix has a huge list of poker films that can be watched, but these five are top picks. Happy watching!  

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