Three Ways To Have Fun for Free

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When it comes to setting up a time to see loved ones and friends, there are always a few elements at play. First, we have to carve time out of busy schedules to arrange a date. Then, we have to figure out what to do. Lastly, we factor in things like spending money.

Oftentimes, the most meaningful occasions tend to come with a heavy bill—whether dining at a fancy restaurant or heading to see a new show. However, the availability of online deals means we have access to deals and promos via sites like Groupon.

Still, there’s an even better way to have fun with others while avoiding a big price tag: free online games and other platforms. Whether looking to treat yourself or treat friends, here are three ways to enjoy quality time without spending a dime.

Having Fun Solo: Online Games

The sheer number of free online games is staggering. For traditional gamers, there are RPGs and first-person shooters online. For others with a flair for excitement, there are online slots sites that offer competitive welcome deals. There are even mind-bending puzzles designed to challenge the brain, such as 2048 and Briangle.

Most free games will require a sign-up. Be sure to log any subscriptions you sign up for, as some may charge you after a trial period.

Having Fun with Older Generations: Museum Tours

Finding a way to spend quality time with those of an older generation can be difficult. Aside from differences in interests, it can also be a challenge to find appropriate locations to bring an elder to. Is there enough seating? Is the lighting sufficient?

Skip the lines, the long walks, and the dim lights with a free museum tour. Google Arts & Culture recently partnered with some of the world’s greatest museums to create virtual tours. These include the Guggenheim, National Palace of Sintra, and even the Louvre.


Having Fun with Friends: Multiplayer Challenges

Google Arts & Culture isn’t the only group working to expand quality options for online engagement. In the past, online multiplayer challenges were geared specifically toward gamers. However, offerings today are much more varied. 

For example, there’s “Pretend You’re Xyzzy”, an online platform that closely mirrors the card game Cards Against Humanity in a virtual format. There are also similar projects like Psych!, which covers trivia between friends; Skribbl, which challenges friends to recreate famous drawings; and Codenames, which is a spymaster game.