How To Pack And Prepare For A Music Festival

Good news, music festivals are back and in full swing this year! Before you get ready for your weekend at Coachella, Lightning In a Bottle, or Bonnaroo make sure you’re prepared to endure the crowds, brave endless hours on your feet, and pack the essentials to remain comfortable for the long festival days. Whether or not you’ve attended a music festival before, it has been at least a year for most music festival goers. In just a few steps, you can determine exactly what you need for this summer’s music festival for the books! 

Bring The Right Bags

Unfortunately, many music festivals have restrictions on bags because of dangers regarding shootings or other safety issues. Usually, you can bring a bigger bag if it’s clear. Make sure to check the website of the festival you’re attending to understand their bag criteria. It might be a better idea to bring a fanny pack or something you can keep secure to your body as you’re dancing and moving around. This also limits the possibilities for getting your stuff stolen. Music festivals are known for thieves and lost items. Even if no one takes anything, it is easy to have something fall out if you’re not paying attention.

Prepare To Stand 

Long lines and hours on your feet are a norm at music festivals, so be prepared to stand. Not only that, but you will be dancing and moving your body too. This means comfortable shoes are essentials. Sturdy shoes, like Dr Martens boots or Converse are great choices for something that is sturdy and covers your toes. Remember to also take breaks in the shade or sit down and relax in order to give your feet a break. If you have a chance to kick off those shoes and elevate your feet will thank you later! 

Pack light: You only need the essentials

Only pack the essentials: a phone, your wallet, sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent.

The most important thing to remember when packing for a music festival is to keep it light.

You’re going to be doing a lot of walking and dancing, so you want to avoid being weighed down by a heavy bag that will become a burden instead of a convenience.

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Pack Cleansing Wipes 

Let’s face it, public restrooms can be gross and sometimes run out of toilet paper or soap. That’s why cleansing wipes are a must. Not only can you use it to wipe off dirt or germs, you can use some on your shoes or utensils. If you are going to a music festival like Coachella where there is a lot of dust, you’ll be so happy you brought some wipes to cleanse your arms and legs once they get dirty. If you are throwing camping into the mix it will be a lot easier than finding water and hand soap.

Find A Group That You Get Along With

Most people will attend festivals with their best friends or significant other, but in the case you’re not familiar with some of the people in your group, make sure you get to know them before the festival starts. You will be spending a lot of time together and will be accountable for each other in case someone gets lost or needs something. If there is an artist you absolutely adore and half your group doesn’t want to see them, make sure that your group is easy-going about it. You can find a meeting spot once the set is over so you can all join together again. Overall, you want the weekend to be drama free with good vibes only. 

Bring Clothing To Layer

Temperatures can fluctuate greatly from day to night. If you are camping, it is also more of a necessity to bring layers. Clothing that is easy to layer such as flannels, shackets, tank tops, and hoodies are all good bets. You should also consider bringing a beanie or cap in case you need protection/warmth for your head. 

Pack A Water Bottle And Non Perishable Food 

Ensuring you are hydrated is so key. You will be dancing away at the festival and having so much fun with your friends, that having a water bottle with you will remind you to stay hydrated. Most festivals have fill up stations for your waters so you don’t have to keep purchasing new bottles. Additionally, pack snacks and food items that can survive different temperatures. Granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit are all good choices and easy on-the-go snacks. Adding in some protein and carbs will keep you going all day.