BEKA Exclusive FAULT Magazine Photoshoot and Interview

Dress: Helene Galwas at Wolf and Badger 
Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood 

Photography: Amelia Allen @ameliaallenphotography

Stylist : Harriet Nicolson @harrietnicolsonstylist

Styling Assistant : Imy Moore @imymoore

Make up: Sadaf Ahmad @sadafmakeupuk

Hair: Natalia Souza @nat_souza87

Location: Zetter Townhouse Marylebone @zettertownhouse

Words: Jacquex Frankel

Having amassed over 6 million streams for her debut EP “I’ll Be There”, BEKA  is the artist on everybody’s radar right now. A creative in every sense of the word, her songwriting and ability to convey a whole plethora of emotions through her music continue to astound and her podcast Cuppa & A Natter, gives even further insight into who she is as an artist and person. We caught up with Beka to discuss her musical journey, her FAULTs and to have a little natter of our own. 

You’re very down to earth and make those around you feel human, tell us about A Cuppa & A Natter, the intimate live video chats you host.

BEKA: Thank you for saying that, I really appreciate you saying that. It’s nice to know it feels down to earth. It basically started because I love asking people questions about themselves. I’m a curious person, I find conversation helps me understand people, groups, cultural experiences, everything with how the world works. It’s all made easier when in conversation with one person because certainly, you see all prejudice that we may have, all subconscious biases we may have. It all fades away and we become human. It started because I love tea. My grandma who had brown babies, we would sit every day around 4 o’clock and drink tea as a way of life in our family. I thought, getting into it with people, asking about their story, their life, exploring topics, that’s A Cuppa & A Natter. It’s awesome, I’m excited to continue next year. 

What’s your favourite tea?

BEKA: English breakfast tea, it is basic, the tea that everyone drinks. In specific Twinings Tea, that’s where my spirit lies. 

Congratulations on your new song THORN! What is the song ‘Thorn’ inspired by?

BEKA: I was in the shower, my husband opened the door and said “What would happen if you wrote about the most painful thing in your life?” then shut the door. Then, strangely, I had this line that came to mind right away, “That thorn on your side is hurting me.” It was a moment where my subconscious knew straight away what the most painful thing in my life would be. As a grown woman, that was quite a shock, as this is definitely here. As a woman looking back at my teenage years, interacting with my younger self, thinking about sitting with pain. It is about people that we love and how we are affected as we grow up. But equally the chorus ends with “I can’t leave”, it is about the magnetism we have to people we know. We are not perfect, I have many thorns on my side that affect people around me. It is a revelation where it is okay to have a lot of pain where you also have a lot of love. I was nervous to release the song because I felt vulnerable going there. 

Dress: Christopher Kane 
Earrings: Aleghieri

What’s a key message you’re trying to convey with your music?

BEKA: Good question! There’s more than one but I would like to convey that conversation and empathy are important. Let’s talk about it, let’s chat, relationships are hard, let’s decompress. Especially from social media, where people are perfect, it makes you want to lay on the floor and stay there. From travelling with HONNE, I feel sensitive to universal conversations; love, pain, ambition, etc. all that we should understand. Music can embody empathy for people to feel understood and to have a breather in their space.

What’s something you want to write about but haven’t yet?

BEKA: I’m memorized by the fact that we are humans on a planet in the universe. A friend would take us away to the desert, were looking at stars, I thought there’s nothing chill about being humans in the universe, it’s wild. Think of a tornado, something that gives you a mad perspective shift in reality. And your worries are put into the right place, you feel grateful for the day. Writing something about that.

Dress: Rue Agthonis 

Tell us something about Music we wouldn’t know or be familiar with?

BEKA: I really recon with how emotional, emotionally draining and intrinsically linked to the well-being music hits. Because when you write a song with somebody, to do that, you have to overcome your sense of what they think of you. You have to articulate your ideas, in collaboration with other people, you constantly need to be brave. To be assertive, it takes emotion. Articulating your desire and backing yourself to it is a major part of creating music.

What discipline do you practice as an artist? 

BEKA: I practice discipline in the atmosphere! I take almost like my mini home wherever I go; that’s like; slippers, tea, oatmeal, comfortable clothes, a notepad… I always start with conversations to break down barriers with people around me. And lamps, lamps are key, get it on wherever they are.

Dress: Anna Mason 
Shoes: Malone Souliers 

What message would you tell your future self?

BEKA: Keep connecting to the why, and remember that you don’t need permission. Permission seems to be a theme in my life. Do things the way you would do them. Will you come back into my life in five years and tell me that?

Instincts, has there been a time you followed your heart and not the rational brain?

BEKA: All the time, my rational mind is susceptible to fear, worry… I’ve been trying to follow my gut. I read a part in Alicia Keys Book, where she’s having a moment with Oprah about picking a new manager. Where Oprah says, “you know your internal guess,” I reason with that. I don’t always know how to hear. 

You’ve travelled, is there a place that you connected with, tell us what was different?

BEKA: Somewhere I love is the Philippines, it’s such a magical place. It’s got a real innocence, kind people, people are not tired of living! Anywhere that has people who are warm, I’ll be there.

Top: 16 Arlington 
Trousers: 16 Arlington 
Shoes: Malone Souliers 

What’s one dish you look forward to at a restaurant, do you add or change it to your tasting?

BEKA: I love steak, I just go for it. I will ask to get the sides switched, sort of when the dish doesn’t come with potatoes. 

What’s your relationship advice?

BEKA: “Remember that every single day makes up the story of your life, and there is not going to be a point where the story stops until you stop.” What you are writing on the page matters to the overall story. Don’t waste a page by going to bed mad, it’s like a bank account, you’re putting into it. What you do now will have an effect in the future. Another thing that’s helped me is knowing about Love Languages, the test gives you an idea of how a friend feels appreciated. Try it!

Suit : Kevin Germanier

You have an effortless style in fashion, is it mostly random or planned? 

BEKA: My personal confidence sometimes is not caring too much about how I’m going to come across if I’m wearing the pieces I want to. I absolutely love when people wear glasses as big as their face, super flamboyant, that’s my favourite thing. Iconic, eccentric old ladies are my inspiration. Sometimes it is nice to listen to what your body wants/needs for that day and give it, in helping elevate yourself, and your feelings.

What’s your lucky number?

BEKA: Oh! I don’t have one, you know… …what would it be? THREE, that’s what just came to mind.

Shirt :  Natasha Zinko 
Skirt : Molly Goddard
Shoes : Zara

What’s your FAULT? 

BEKA: Not going into too many, my personal FAULT is to want a solution, I move fast. I want to fix it instead of listening, I jump in quickly and move fast.