Building A Reputable Brand: Tips To Enhance Your Image

In a world where we have access to 24-hour news, stories can go viral in a second and over 90% of consumers read online reviews, reputation has never been more important. If you run a business, building a reputable brand is essential. Here are some top tips to help you enhance your brand image. 

Social media

Social media started life as a network for bringing family and friends together, but it quickly evolved into a multi-dimensional platform, which is incredibly valuable for businesses. Social media offers amazing opportunities for companies and brands to promote products and services, but it also encourages engagement and enables businesses to establish relationships. As a business owner, it’s hugely beneficial to take advantage of social media to communicate with followers, strengthen ties and show the human side of your brand. Use your posts to showcase the identity and personality of your brand and get to know your customers and prospective clients. Respond to comments, encourage followers to interact with you and consider featuring your clients in your content. You could upload photographs of them wearing or using your products or share reviews, for example. More than 90% of consumers are more likely to buy products from brands they follow on social media. 

Brand values

Did you know that 71% of consumers prefer to buy from businesses that align with their values? People are increasingly aware of where products come from and which brands they buy from. When you run a business, it’s important to be able to connect with customers and show them what your brand is all about. Tell your customers about your brand values and company culture, encourage them to ask questions and learn more and provide information about how you’re taking action to celebrate your values and make a difference. 


The vast majority of people now check online reviews before making a purchase or contacting a business. Word of mouth remains one of the most powerful marketing methods, but it has evolved to include online recommendations. Positive reviews and high ratings can drive traffic and generate leads, while negative feedback can encourage customers to choose competitors. If you own a business, it is wise to try to ensure you have a high review score and to share positive feedback to encourage prospective clients to find out more about your business. Incentivize leaving reviews and contact existing customers and ask them to rate your services. 

Giving back

Consumers are taking more interest in the ethos and culture of the brands they buy from, and many want to support businesses that are giving back to local communities or contributing to global or national initiatives. Donating to charities, supporting charitable programs and encouraging growth and development within the local area can all help to enhance brand image. Consider your brand values when choosing which schemes or organizations to support and make sure you are aware of how UK companies are taxed on charitable donations. There are various options you can explore, such as choosing a charity to raise money for each year, donating a portion of your profits to different charities each month or taking part in initiatives, such as planting trees or adopting wild animals as part of a conservation scheme. 

If you are looking for inspiration for a new charity partnership or a cause to support, encourage your customers and employees to share ideas and suggestions. It’s beneficial to opt for programs or organizations that are linked to your values and those that you share with your clients. 

Customer service

There are several factors that influence how we perceive and rate brands. One of the most significant drivers is customer service. If the service is poor, the quality of the product becomes much less important, as the overall experience is tainted. Consider going to a restaurant for dinner, for example. If you had to wait for ages for a table, the waiting staff was rude or disinterested, items on the menu were unavailable or it took a long time to pay at the end, you would probably leave negative feedback and an average or low score, even if the food was fabulous. Make a concerted effort to prioritize customer service and ensure that every customer feels valued. Provide staff training, implement policies and guidelines for employees, offer responsive support options and try to ensure that you deal with any issues or complaints as quickly as possible. Only make promises you can deliver on, and if there are problems, such as delays with an order, contact the client immediately, explain the situation and offer a solution. It’s also beneficial to provide compensation or a goodwill gesture, such as a refund on delivery or a discount on the next order. 

Rewarding customer loyalty

Businesses that have an extensive client base and customers who have been loyal for several years are appealing to new customers. Consumers trust brands that have a loyal client base and they may be more likely to buy from them than new businesses or those that have low review scores. Many companies devote a lot of time and energy to attracting new customers, but retaining existing clients can be more valuable. Studies suggest that loyal clients are likely to spend more than new customers, and they can also spread the word and recommend your brand to others. There are multiple ways to reward loyalty, including loyalty cards and bonus schemes, access to exclusive discounts or sales previews and treats on customer birthdays, for example. 

Staff retention

A company that takes good care of its staff is likely to have a positive brand image. If you have high employee retention rates, this will reflect well on your business. To boost retention rates, focus on wellbeing and morale, try to be as flexible as possible, listen to your employees, offer opportunities to progress and encourage development. 

Photo: Fauxels

Brand reputation has never been more important. Consumers are more interested in building relationships with businesses, and they want to buy from brands they trust, respect and admire. If you run a company, and you’re eager to enhance your brand image, bear these useful tips in mind.