Aquilo FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview

Today marks the release of Aquilo’s 3rd album entitled ‘A Safe Place To Be’ and with their previous two albums amassing 250 million streams, expectations are very high. The album takes the listeners on an emotional musical journey, speeped in all the emotion, drama and bliss we’re come to love about their work in the past. 

We sat down with Aquilo to find out more about their musical process, their journey and of course, their FAULTs.

What would you say was the biggest change this album compared to ii? 

It feels a little more like home than the last. 

You pour so much emotion into every track, do you ever find the writing process to be emotionally draining at times? 

YES. Sometimes it can become a little exhausting baring your soul to a song but so worth it. 

What inspired the album title ‘‘A Safe Place To Be’? 

It’s the second lyric on the album (from Our Bones Turn To Stone) and it’s purely about Silverdale, the village we both grew up in and what feels like home. 

Do you find creating ‘I Wanna See You Smile’ helped close the chapter that inspired the song, or does the song existence now mean that that chapter can never be closed? 

*Laughs* No it’s an acceptance song and hopefully playing it live shouldn’t hurt too much. We’re over that shit now!!! 

What was the hardest track to write on the album? 

To be honest, it was probably costume change because lyrically it was something we really wanted to get right. Really capturing what it felt like when we were performing at the village hall as kids. 

When you look back on your musical journey, what’s been the hardest hurdle you’d had to overcome? 

Good question. It’s probably not knowing what the future holds. Just learning to enjoy the moment and create without fear of the future. Deep as shit but there’s some truth in that. 

Are you regimented with your writing process or do you prefer to wait for inspiration to strike? 

We are actually quite regimented these days as we’ve started working and writing with other people on their projects. But we both feel you can’t force a good idea. We believe in happy accidents and serendipity 

If you could return to the start of your musical journey and leave yourself one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Enjoy every little moment you dreamt of as a kid. 

What part of your upcoming tour are you most looking forward to?

Seeing the faces of fans and just giving back the time they’ve given us. 

What is your FAULT?

Overthinking almost everything.