6 Tips for Wearing Your Leggings to Work

Photo: Todd Kent

If you find dressing up for work to be a cause of stress, you’re not alone; there is no shortage of people who find it difficult to decide what to wear for work in the morning. More often than not, this is caused by having too many or too few options in your closet. To avoid wasting time analyzing their options in the morning, there are people who plan their outfits the night before. Some even spend an hour or so of their weekends coordinating their work clothes for the entire week so that they can devote their early mornings or late nights to more practical concerns. Still, there are people who carefully build and curate their work wardrobe so that they can pull any combination of pieces out of their closet and still look perfectly acceptable in the workplace, all with minimal effort.

Building a professional wardrobe where most of the pieces pair well with each other takes a bit of work, but it’s one of the surest ways of reducing the stress of choosing the best combination of office clothes. If you’re considering putting together a stress-free work wardrobe, then you should definitely consider adding cotton leggings to your collection of workplace garments.

Leggings allow for high levels of mobility without sacrificing comfort. At the same time, you can easily shop for cotton leggings that suit your existing collection of work and office garments. If you have this versatile piece in your closet, then there’s a good chance that you don’t need to replace your essential wardrobe pieces or to spend much on clothes just so you can look good while you’re in the workplace. Here are some of the tips you should take note of when planning an office outfit centered on your ever-reliable cotton leggings.

Check If Cotton Leggings Are Acceptable Workplace Wardrobe Pieces

Many workplaces see leggings as acceptable work clothes, but that doesn’t mean you can wear them just about anywhere or in any way you want. Some businesses have very formal environments where everyone is expected to wear slacks or skirts, and wearing leggings in these places may be deemed inappropriate. However, there are also plenty of offices that maintain a hands-off approach on office clothes. In these places, employees have the freedom to wear casual or smart casual attire and wearing leggings with a shift dress or skirt shouldn’t cause issues since the office dress code is relaxed. Knowing what’s acceptable as office clothes often comes down to the employees’ guidebook as well as the general atmosphere of the office.

Make Sure That Your Top Covers Your Bottoms

There are certain areas you need to keep in check when wearing leggings in the office. Remember that cotton leggings are made of stretchy material, and at times, they can hug the body and absorb moisture. Walking around the office with sweat-drenched or skin-tight bottoms is a no-no and can get you in hot water. As such, it’s important to wear tops that cover your groin and butt area when you’re wearing leggings. Having a layer of fabric overlapping this section will ensure that you won’t accidentally flash your office mates while you’re going about your job. You’ll also feel less conscious about moving around, as there’s an added layer of protection in the area in case you get a little too sweaty or if your leggings hit a snag and incur a bit of damage.

Separate Your Work Leggings from Your Home or Gym Leggings

The leggings you wear in the office should look professional. Its surface should be smooth and lint-free, it shouldn’t have snags, and it should have a consistent color and thickness. After all, you still need to put your best foot forward in the workplace in order to gain the respect of your colleagues and maintain a professional image. Once your pair of office leggings incur noticeable damage or start to look old and faded, it’s time to retire them. Perhaps the leggings have earned a stain or a hole that isn’t immediately obvious. In this case, maybe you can keep wearing it at home or at the gym instead.

Invest in Thick, High-Quality Leggings in Solid and Neutral Colors

If you love colorful dresses and tops, then it’s a good idea to invest in neutral-colored leggings that you can pair with just about any printed or colorful long shirt or shift dress. Black, brown, gray, or navy blue cotton leggings will be able to complement the colorful patterns of your office clothes without stealing the scene. Your bottoms can be more subdued while directing attention to your brightly-colored shirt or jacket, for example. However, if you prefer wearing plain tops, the addition of pattern-printed leggings can help you add a bit of color to your everyday office wardrobe. Choose a print that looks polished and not distracting, like stripes or plaid.

Buy Different Pairs of Leggings for Different Seasons

During the warm season, it’s more sensible to wear thinner leggings that protect your legs from sun damage and overheating. In the colder season, you’ll get more benefits from buying thicker leggings with an inner lining. Doing so will help ensure your comfort even if the temperature inside your office is much lower than what you’re used to. Rotating the pairs that you wear every season will help you preserve the quality of your versatile bottom garments for much longer, at least compared to leggings that are worn year-round.

Make an Effort to Find the Best Fit When Shopping for Leggings

If your choice of leggings does not fit you properly, then there’s a good chance that it will slip down or make you feel generally uncomfortable. A pair of leggings that’s too tight can cause irritation on your skin and constrict blood flow. One that’s too loose can slip down while you’re sitting or walking, and this can cause you a bit of discomfort and embarrassment as well. Using a pair of leggings that fit just right will save you from pain and keep you comfortable so you can focus on your work tasks instead of fussing with your clothes.

Is your office ready to accommodate women who wear leggings to work? Which clothes in your closet can you readily pair with your new office leggings? Determining the combinations that you can create with your leggings beforehand can help you reduce the stress level of having to choose the day’s work outfit.