Nikita Dragun FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview

Jacket, Short, Top – MilkWhite
Boots – Anouki
Necklace & Sunglasses – Lada Legina
Jeans – Mateo Massoud
Photographer / Creative Director: Raen Badua
Wardrobe Stylist: Joey Thao 
Makeup: Eros Gomez 
Hair: Rikki Gajda 
Photo Assistant: Julian Nieto 

Interview: Miles Holder

The general public would be forgiven for seeing the name Nikita Dragun and automatically associating her with the bewildering world of Youtube Beauty Guru Drama that manages to filter through to the mainstream media. 

However, one does not become the CEO of their own beauty company, make larges contributions of time and money to causes that empower the LGBTQ+ community and star in Netflix documentaries based on online drama alone. 

While drama might seem an integral part of the creator to celebrity pipeline, it’s clear that impact and drama are not synonymous with one another and so I sat down with Nikita to explore the former. 

In today’s FAULT Magazine covershoot and interview, we discuss her creative journey, the responsibility of her platform and of course, her FAULTs. 

Jacket, Short, Top – MilkWhite
Boots – Anouki
Necklace & Sunglasses – Lada Legina
Jeans – Mateo Massoud

What was the driving force to you saying yes to starring in the ‘Hype House’ Netflix series?

It was very out of the blue. My friends are all in the Hype House and they had already shot a pilot for the show. They asked if I’d cameo as a friend and of course I went in with my wigs and everything, and the producers were like “who the f is this girl!?” We didn’t know where the show would end up but NETFLIX bought the idea! I did it to showcase my friendships and relationships because people only tend to see the drama, relationships and clickbait of my life and for once I just wanted to show myself as a friend and a sister. Being trans, I always wished I’d been able to experience high school or college as myself so be careful what you wish for because it definetely came true with the series. 

What was the biggest challenge of filming the project?

Allowing myself to open up the way I do on the show. I’m so good at controlling what people see through my editing or use of photo filters and I’ve never wanted to change people’s minds on me. The biggest hurdle was letting that go and showing my emotions and opening up on a different level – I don’t know how people will take it. 

Many influencers come to success from being so relatable but become less relatable as they grow in acclaim. Is this move to show more of the down to earth Nikkita Dragun been something you’ve wanted to do for a while?

I would say yes – for me, I am so flamboyant and over the top and I’ve been that way since rocking Goodwill clothes in Springfield, Virginia. I was always stunting around, but this show is an ensemble cast, which really pulled out that side that I haven’t been able to show. I always guard friend and family relations so close to my heart and only let everything else see the shake my ass and wig side of me. 

You’ve done a lot of work to support the LGBTQ+ community, is it hard to bear the weight of being a trans role model when it’s not something you’ve ever asked for?

One million per cent. Being a role model is not a situation anyone asks for, especially because I live such an unfiltered unapologetic life. There are moments when I do need to step back and realise how I’ve impacted how people see our community. When Dragun are giving me the title as the ‘first trans CEO of a beauty company’ (Dragun Beauty) – I thought it was f’d up because how has it been this many centuries and we’ve never had a trans beauty CEO?! Being a role model is hard and scary, but it’s the life I live, and whether I wanted it or not – it is what it is. For me, I just don’t let it rule my life. I’m human, and I make mistakes, I learn and grow just like everyone else, and that’s what I want people to see. 

With all that you’ve done in your career, is it annoying that it’s covered in so much drama and do you think being embroiled in drama is something we should just come to expect from YouTubers?

I want to believe in a fairytale fantasy without drama, but the reality is it will always be around for us. Whether it’s the Roman coliseums or YouTube, it’s just what people love to see. I grew up in the 2000s and was digesting the tabloids and I don’t know if there’s a world where it doesn’t exist but I do think we need a world where we allow people to learn grow and move on because I think that’s the bigger problem. Once people have an idea of who people in the public eye are – they get too stuck into thinking that person will never change. 

What’s the most challenging hurdle you’ve had to overcome?

I think trying not to be jaded in any type of way. Being an Aquarius and a little detached – I’m not forthcoming with my emotions. Sometimes I feel I am moving so fast that I don’t have time to enjoy the accomplishments that I am making or the new boundaries that I break for the trans community. I’m so focused on the next projects or the chance of drama that I don’t get to enjoy the moment. 

Earrings – D Squared
Corset – La Perla
Underwear – LOCA
Dress – Grete Henriette

What’s a question that people don’t tend to ask you much?

If I’m happy. For once and it’s a new thing but I’m happy. I’m happy in my life and I don’t know what changed but I’m so happy and I feel so solid. I don’t want surgery, my family is happy, I have good d*ck in my life and I’m in a really good place. 

Do you ever think about your journey and wonder what life would be like had you taken a different route – and when your life becomes too embroiled in drama – do you ever long for that other life?

I remember driving in my silver Volvo when it was raining in Springfield, Virginia at midnight after leaving a babysitting job – I had just turned down my scholarship for NYU and I was just questioning my identity my life choices. I remember asking God for just the chance to live my dream and that I would never complain and I’ve held true to that. I’ve wished for it, I wanted it and I will never complain about it.

What do you wish journalists would stop asking you about?

I wish journalists would stop asking me about my ass!

When you look back on those less happy times in your life – what helped you push through?

I was moving too fast to enjoy any moments to myself and I liked being that way. In this moment of happiness – it’s a reminder of who I am. When I transitioned journalists were so interested in the surgeries and the actual bodily transition but there’s so much life after that. 

When you look back on your life, what do you want your career to say about you as a person?

I want it to say, “that bitch was unstoppable”. She did what she wanted to do and ultimately she conquered the f*cking world…nothing too crazy. 

Is there a creative space you want to get more involved in?

I’m a pop star in the making and music has always just been the goal. I’m also such a good director and I only just noticed and I think it would surprise people how much I want to be able to release art in all forms. I feel like everything and everything but next will be my musical journey. 

Do you think it’s hard to be taken seriously in certain creative endeavours because your career so far has been crafted in the online space? 

In every room, I walk into people are going to have something to say because I’m a woman and I’m young but I’d honestly rather them look down on me and see how my knowledge and intellect shocks them. It’s hard making this look so easy. 

Catsuit – Yousef Al Jasmi
Earrings & Ring Bracelet – Ninna York
Cuffs – D Squared
Shoes – Flor De Maria

If you could go back to the start of your creative journey and leave yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

First of all, I’d give myself a damn colour corrector. Beyond that, I would just tell myself to “accept yourself first and everything else will follow.” I was always looking for validation from my family or my friends and I think having that confidence in myself would have helped me. I became my own dragon. 

What’s something recently to benefit your mental health?

I’ve gotten good dick in my life! 

What is your FAULT?

My FAULT is that I’m always going to be me. They can want me to be this or that – but I’m just going to be me.